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President of RiskCheck Heads to Nepal!

Karen O'Connor, President of RiskCheck Inc., is also President of the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada, which works to support health, education and conservation efforts in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Karen heads to Nepal once again later this month to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Khunde Hospital, and to visit other projects that are supported by the foundation. If you can, please click here to support the foundation, and her trek. We all very much appreciate it, and your time as well! Thank you and Namaste! 

Health & Safety Talk with
Maddison Construction Limited

We love when contractors get excited about health and safety! It’s even better when a partnership with ContractorCheck inspires them to delve deeper into their commitment to a safer workplace. Here’s some info on Maddison Construction Limited (MCL) – a ContractorCheck Accredited company committed to health and safety.

Maddison Construction Limited (MCL) was founded in 2008 and has grown steadily into a multi-faceted general contractor based in the Greater Ottawa Area. The company now excels in a range of residential, institutional and commercial work, focusing on structural restoration, concrete and masonry. 
MCL enrolled with Contractor Check in 2013 and received accreditation early the following year. During the certification process - and with Contractor Check’s guidance - MCL designed and implemented an extensive Health & Safety program which has greatly enhanced its offering to clients and stakeholders while ensuring worker safety is kept paramount. Expanding on the importance and benefits of its Health & Safety program, the company has gone even further by developing a comprehensive tracking system to ensure the success of all facets of a project, from project award to close-out. This has enabled MCL to gain an advantage over its competitors and grow exponentially since receiving its Contractor Check accreditation, which in turn has allowed the company to gain traction with increasingly larger clients who value the due diligence and care exercised by MCL in executing their projects.
From the moment MCL steps on site, a rigorous three-stage process is put into motion to ensure each job is completed properly, safely, and on budget:
  • Beginning at the on-site walk-through with project stakeholders, MCL enacts a three-phase, 40-point project initiation checklist which ensures all administrative, health & safety, and site logistics requirements are satisfied so that any concerns are addressed prior to mobilization. MCL’s unique approach provides an additional layer of due diligence and transparency for the client.
  • Once the project is initiated, MCL tracks and records its progress using a variety of internally-developed custom forms including daily construction progress reports, foreman logs and tracking forms, along with other specialized reports for specific types of work.
  • Upon project completion, in addition to the walk-through with stakeholders, MCL completes a close-out checklist which ensures all aspects of the job are properly executed, all submittals are provided, and all parties are satisfied with the results. MCL further follows up with a short survey, soliciting feedback on its performance on the project. The valuable feedback it receives allows the company to address client concerns and continuously improve its offering.
Maddison Construction Limited is committed to providing the best service to clients through the implementation of its extensive and thorough tracking process and the assurance that all work is being completed safely, transparently, on-time and on-budget. Visit the website at to find out more about what MCL has to offer.
Partners in Prevention Recap

We had an awesome time at the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services show in Toronto. See below for some photos from the show, and email us if you'd like to follow up! For even more photos from the show, please visit us on Facebook. 

Q&A with Triumph Roofing

We talked to Accredited contractor Triumph Roofing recently about their company, their experiences with ContractorCheck and why health and safety is important in today's workplace. Read on to find out more! 

Q: Please tell us about Triumph Roofing. How long has the company been in business and what is your specialty?
A: In 1989, Triumph Inc. was founded on the principle that quality always comes first. For over 25 years, Triumph has served Southern Ontario, Alberta and Eastern Canada as the leading roofing contractor for new building construction, repair, renovation, maintenance services and 24-hour emergency repair. Our versatile group of companies also includes general contracting and solar divisions. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with a custom solution to any roofing, cladding, waterproofing, development or solar job; ensuring all projects are completed on time and within budget. Our mission is to provide each and every customer with quality products, and superior workmanship with the support of our highly trained crew and dedicated team. Our reputation has been built on the notion that our clients’ needs remain at the forefront of each Triumph service offering. Put simply, we guarantee that your Triumph experience will be a seamless one!
Q: Why was it important for Triumph Roofing to become ContractorCheck Accredited?
A: Becoming accredited with ContractorCheck was an integral part of strengthening our commitment to health and safety. ContractorCheck has helped us streamline our health and safety procedures and exceed our clients’ safety requirements and expectations. 
Q: What sets Triumph Roofing apart from other roofing companies? 
A: At Triumph, safety is our top priority; a mindset that sets us apart from the competition. Our in-house Health & Safety team is dedicated to implement policies and execute procedures that protect Triumph crews, team members and clients.  Triumph’s Health and Safety procedures have been designed to exceed best practices and standards:
  • Attendance and successful completion of regular, internal Health & Safety training programs
  • Regular site inspections to ensure working conditions are safe
  • All Triumph employees are expected to adhere to our corporate Health & Safety Policy and to Occupational Health & Safety Acts of Ontario
  • All Triumph employees must successful complete First Aid & Emergency Response training
One last word from Triumph on customer service:
Triumph Roofing is committed to providing clients with a custom solution to any roofing, cladding, waterproofing, development or solar job; ensuring all projects are completed on time and within budget. From the initial consultation through to the finished project we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the unique process that we’ve developed.
For more information on Triumph Roofing, please visit their company website. Email Inquiries: -- Phone Inquiries: 416-534-8877. Make sure you check out the ContractorCheck Facebook Page for some photos of Triumph Roofing's recent projects! 

Accredited Contractors on the Web

Brenric Construction and Groupe GI2 Inc. sent out awesome tweets announcing their Accreditation - they are so great, we had to share! 
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Q&A with GT Associates 

Earlier this quarter, we had the pleasure of speaking to GT Associates, Floors and Shades, about health and safety, the nature of their business and what sets them apart. We love hearing from Accredited contractors - please read on for more info, and find out below how to get your company featured! 

Q: Please tell us about GT Associates. 
A: GT Associates is a ContractorCheck Accredited building services company operating in Canada, providing quality services to the satisfaction of its clients.  Since health and safety coupled with quality are given utmost importance, there is no question of compromise on the 'top-notch' tailor made solutions that we offer. We are dedicated to serve our clients and their confidence in us gives our strength to achieve our goals.  

Q: How has health and safety changed the workplace since you’ve been in business? Why is this important? 
A: Any work carried out implementing health and safety standards will have a high level of quality.  Right from the inception of our business this has been our watchword, which is our driving force behind our success. We believe it is important to have these standards implemented for the success of any business.
Q: Why was in important for your company to become ContractorCheck Accredited? 
A: Since health and safety coupled with quality were our motto, we felt the importance of having these standards accredited and certified by a reputed agency like ContractorCheck.  Clients will always look for companies maintaining these standards as their property and assets are valuable.  Therefore we felt the importance becoming ContractorCheck Accredited, which we believe will help us gain the confidence and trust of our clients.
Q: What do you hope to gain from your Accreditation?
A: We believe our ContractorCheck Accreditation will help us gain the confidence of our clients.  It is our passion to maintain health, safety and quality standards.  An accreditation from ContractorCheck is therefore important to us going forward.
Q: How was your experience with the ContractorCheck Assessment? Did you learn anything new about health and safety while earning your Accreditation?
A: We consider our ContractorCheck accreditation as a valuable asset to the company.  We are happy that our standards have been recognized and accredited by a reputed agency. ContractorCheck made us a
ware of the importance of having and maintaining these standards to be successful in our business.

For more information on GT Associates,
please visit their website


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Earth Day 2016

Every year, ContractorCheck, RiskCheck and GreenCheck team up to give back on Earth Day. This year, we participated once again in the City of Toronto's annual 20-Minute Makeover. It's a really fun event that get's us outside and lets us get our hands dirty! Here are a few photos of our team in action, and please click this link to find out more about putting together a team for next year. 

Accredited Contractor Spotlight on Facebook

Make sure you check out the ContractorCheck Facebook Page for posts about Accredited contractors, industry news and what's new in the world of health and safety. Recently, we've begun our Accredited Contractor Spotlight series, where we highlight companies dedicated to health and safety and give them a platform to share their company information, recent accomplishments and news with all of you! 

Here are some of the contractors we've featured recently, and also a few to look out for! 
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