Wednesday October 8 - 20:00
During NIGHT YELLOW : cinema-w-o-l-k-e #21
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Against the background of NIGHT YELLOW, our current residency show by Susi Gelb and Niko Abramidis &NE,
we bring you:

cinema-w-o-l-k-e # 21

Screening in presence of artist Emma van der Put.
She will talk about her own work and introduce the selection of films below.

Scènes uit een avond – Emma van der Put
Netherlands, 2009 | Artist Film | Digital Video | No dialogue | 16’.

Nine separate scenes reconstruct the events that occurred in one night. The editing brings its own story into the situations that took place that evening. They become extracted fragments of a manipulated reality, in which the futility of the rather insignificant festivity and the people who are in it, appear like a timeless tragedy.

Godinne – Emma van der Put
Netherlands, 2011 | Artist Film | Digital Video | No dialogue | 6’ (loop).

A small town seen from a mountain (260m altitude).

Montmartre – Emma van der Put
Netherlands, 2011 | Artist Film | Digital Video | No dialogue | 3’14” (loop).

Portrait (caricature) of Montmartre in Paris.

Room – Emma van der Put
Netherlands, 2014 | Artist Film | Digital Video | No dialogue | 4’ (loop).

The video frame is forming a new space, wherein different layers of the image suddenly take their place together. Only by making use of the ‘natural effects’ present at the moment of filming, de video Room is anatomizing the content of the image, letting it’s various visual layers pile up and slowly be dissected.

La champignonne – Pascal Aubier
France, 1974 | Short Film | 16mm transferred to DVD | No dialogue | 9’.

In one of our first screenings we showed Pascal Aubier’s le dormeur, and we have been waiting for an occasion to screen its counterpart: la champignonne. Also this short film is shot in one single take, consisting of a strangely mechanical ghostride through a paradisiacal landscape. The haunting camera chases a woman, attracts her, penetrates her. An exquisite gem from an all too unknown master of French cinema.

Svyato – Viktor Kossakovsky
Russia, 2005 | Documentary | HD Digital | OV Russian, ST English | 34’.

In Russian, ‘svyato’ means ‘happy’ and also ‘regarded as sacred’. But it is also a nickname for Svyatoslav, the son of director Kossakovsky, who for two years covered mirrors from Svyato. For the first time in his life, Svyato is going to watch himself in a mirror.
As the film’s opening says: “everything changed when man first saw his own reflection”…

In Memory of the Day Gone By (Praejusius dienos atminimui) – Šarūnas Bartas
Lithuania 1990 | Documentary | 35mm transferred to DVD | OV Lithuanian, ST English | 40’.

“I have been long ago attracted by the city. Sometimes it seems that it is nature's creation; that some invisible force has gathered lots of people into one huge living creature. Sometimes it seems that the man wants to unite to this creature against his own will, melting in its blood, adding the tiny rustle of his existence into this entire buzz that blazes up in the daytime and calms down at night. Nowhere does the man feel so lonely as he does in the city. And nowhere does he dive into such reckless rejoicing.” Sharunas Bartas, 1990.
Wednesday October 8 - 20:00
Vaartstraat 45 rue du Canal - 1000 Brussels
Free entrance.
Doors open at 18:00 (NIGHT YELLOW time)
No entry after the start of the program
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