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iOS7: What's New for the Enterprise
by Sean Brage, IT Support Technician

iOS 7 is the latest version of Apple’s software for iPhones and iPads. It came out back in September of this year and got a lot of attention for its new look and feel. But for companies using iOS devices in the workplace, iOS 7 brings a lot more than just new looks. The latest release of iOS is packed with new enhancements for businesses, and I want to cover just a few of the great new enterprise features in iOS 7.

1. Managed Distribution

Back in 2010, Apple debuted a volume purchasing program or “VPP” for iOS apps. VPP lets companies easily buy multiple copies of App Store apps at a discount, and then quickly give them out to employees. The VPP is a great way to easily distribute software and save money, but it had a few caveats when it came to managing software licenses, especially for companies allowing BYOD.

Previously, when a VPP app was given to an employee, it was then tied to that employee’s Apple ID. If the employee left the company, he or she would get to keep any apps that had been given to them, and the company would have to buy new copies when they hired someone new.

But with Managed Distribution, apps bought through VPP and given to employees are owned by the organization. Companies can now buy and give out iOS apps and then give those apps to other employees as needed.

Real-world example:

Acme Inc buys 50 copies of Notability to give out to employees for use on iPads. If one of those employees leaves, Acme can just give that copy of Notability to the next person they hire!

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Greystone on Greystone
Derrick Kuhn, Senior Partner
Ross Odegaard, IT Consultant

1. What song best describes your work ethic?
That is a unique question. I think there are many that could fit, but since I’m a huge fan of terrible 80s MTV videos, and it somewhat works for my never-give-up kind of attitude, I’m going to have to say Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Specifically the somewhat creepy 80s video version. I am always pushing myself to be better, faster, and more efficient – much like the Top Gun pilots, but I’m not nearly as good looking. It does get dangerous sometimes when I’m so focused I forget to eat or sleep.

2. Have you ever stolen a pen from work?
A pen? I’ve heard of those. I don’t know what use I would have for some kind of archaic instrument that creates letters with all that messy ink. 
3. A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? 
“I am Tux, the Linux penguin. I’m here to promote the latest iteration of Linux – Sombrero! It’s like Fedora and Red Hat, only with a lot more shade. Also, if you can see me, you should probably go to bed.” 

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Wizard Talk for People Who
Don't Know How To Computer #2

by Aly Clayton, Service Experience Manager
with help from Brian Pedersen, Implementations Consultant

Greystone is a big ol’ team with a really diverse knowledge base, and not all of us can be Technology Wizards** like our technicians and consultants – but when you work in improving business through technology, sometimes you need to learn a little more! The team’s been working to teach me more as I go and we've found that sometimes it’ s best to explain things to me with metaphors about houses and neighborhoods, because it helps cut through the jargon and I understand more.

In case you’re as lost as I am when they start talking about networks and RAIDs and clouds, we’ve been documenting some of these conversations for you. 

Click to learn about  IP conflicts, processors, and print spoolers.

Greystone's Adventure of the Month: 

Hiking Devil's Head Trail

by Travis Hankins, Director of Professional Services

In late October I had the chance to hike the Devil’s Head Lookout Trail and was taken back by the history and views.  Devil’s Head lookout tower is located the Pike National Forest, about 1 hour southwest of Denver, Colorado.  What’s makes the Devil’s Heads hike so unique is that it is the only active fire lookout tower in the state of Colorado.   Even with the advancements in technology, and what the Wright Brothers are doing with those flying contraptions, the tower is still staffed during the fire season.  An older gentlemen named Bill Ellis and his wife has spent the past 26 summers living in a small cabin next to the tower.  The Ellis’ pack up their weekly groceries in backpacks, carrying 40 to 50 pounds of food up the trail each week.   They find time to greet hikers, answer questions, give children little buttons and rulers, all while looking for smoke on the horizon.

The hike to the tower is just 1.4 miles each way, with the elevation gain being roughly 940 feet, but it is still very doable for families with small children and pets. The trail winds through beautiful aspen trees and a majority of the trail is covered in shade.

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Brew of the Month

Upslope Brewing
Brown Ale

It. Is. Incredible.  Imagine a fresh loaf of freshly baked dark wholegrain bread… this is like the beer equivalent to that…  Buy a six pack to take to a holiday party and be a star."
- Gary Aronhalt,
Customer Experience Manager
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