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The safety journey with Costa Group

Victoria's new OHS regulations 2017 - compliance required now

Measuring and reporting on work health & safety (Safe Work Australia report)

‘Purposeful leaders’ are winning hearts and minds in workplaces, study finds

In construction? Don't miss out on industry subsidies and funding for your training!

National report on mental health and suicide prevention

Dealing with stress programs

Need trainer supplies?

Our national program schedule

The Safety Journey With Costa Group

Costa Group is Australia’s largest horticultural company and a major supplier of produce to food retailers. With over 3,500 hectares of farmed land across Australia and more than 6,000 employees during peak seasonal periods, Costa values their employees and prioritises their safety.

Safety Dimensions has been partnering with Costa Group since 2015 to continue building a strong safety culture, working on building skills and knowledge in the area of safety. They were looking to improve the safety culture of their Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders to enhance their behaviour and mindset which they hoped in effect would cascade into improvement of their safety performance through proactive control.

The approach began with designing and developing a Costa-specific Masterclass for Senior Executives and rolling out a two-day Safety Leadership program across the organisation, refined through a piloting process with key stakeholders and their frontline leaders.

Safety Dimensions spoke to Lou Torcaso, WHS and Workers Compensation Manager (pictured above) at Costa about their safety journey, the challenges of getting buy-in across the organisation, implementing training over 40 sites nationally and how the use of Keepad technology and the launch of their new Costa Online program is keeping their safety journey moving in a positive direction.
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New Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017

New Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regulations) and Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 (EPS Regulations) commenced in Victoria on 18 June 2017.

The new OHS Regulations 2017 are mainly the same. However, if you are in a workplace where asbestos is present; are a manufacturer or an importing supplier of hazardous substances or agricultural and veterinary chemicals; work in construction; or operate a mine or major hazard facility, you need to become aware of the changes.

In most cases, compliance was required by 18 June 2017. However for some changes, transitional arrangements apply to allow duty and license holders time to become compliant with the updated regulatory requirements.

Read more and download the regulations >>
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Measuring and reporting on work health and safety report

Work health and safety (WHS) reporting needs to provide relevant, robust and timely information to inform decisions that influence ongoing business performance.

Safe Work Australia has released a report intended primarily for business leaders and WHS managers of medium to large organisations exploring the performance information which officers may find useful to assist them in exercising due diligence in discharging their duties under the model Work Health and Safety Act (model WHS Act).

It also provides guidance on the type of information investors and other stakeholders are seeking in company annual reports.
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Time to transform your safety culture and leadership?
Check out our behavioural safety & leadership programs

Safety Dimensions supports organisations to effectively deal with safety performance challenges and all programs are tailored to fit your organisation’s way of working.

We start where you are in terms of safety maturity, tailoring training and development programs specifically to your organisation.

This makes our programs incredibly relevant and applicable - the more relevant the program for your people, the easier its implementation into your culture, resulting in a tangible, measurable behavioural change.

Our courses can be taken individually or combined into a nationally recognised safety or leadership qualification. Call us on 1300 453 555 for more info or email us at

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‘Purposeful leaders’ are winning hearts and minds in workplaces, study finds

People are happier and more productive when their leaders show strong morals, a clear vision and commitment to stakeholders, a new study has found.

The growing importance of what is being described as ‘purposeful leadership’ for the modern workplace is outlined in a new report for the CIPD, a UK professional body for HR and people development.

When modern managers display ‘purposeful’ behaviours, employees are less likely to quit, more satisfied, willing to go the extra mile, better performers and less cynical, according to the researchers at the University of Sussex, the University of Greenwich and CIPD.

Professor Catherine Bailey at the University of Sussex said: “Our study shows that the modern workplace is as much a battle for hearts and minds as it is one of rules and duties.

“People increasingly expect an organisational purpose that goes beyond a mere focus on the bottom line, beyond the kind of short-termist, financial imperatives that are blamed by many for causing the 2008 recession.

“In turn, they respond to leaders who care not just about themselves but wider society, who have strong morals and ethics, and who behave with purpose.”

Not much is known about what causes purposeful leadership or what impact it has — this new study is an attempt to fill this gap.

Watch the video and read the key findings >>
Interested in transforming leadership? See our Leadership division >>
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In construction? Don't miss out on industry subsidies and funding for your training!
See if you meet the eligibility criteria



Does your work involve constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing, renovating, altering, demolishing, relocating, maintaining or repairing in the Queensland building and construction industry? If you fit the criteria, Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) may fund WHS training at little or no cost to the participant in BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety or the BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety with Workplace Dimensions.

You may be eligible if:
  • You’re a worker ‘on the tools’ at least 50% of the time in the Queensland building and construction related industries listed at the bottom of this page here.
  • An Australian, New Zealand, permanent resident, or humanitarian visa holder.


If you are working in building and construction in the ACT and you fit the criteria, you could be eligible for subsidised training from the ACT Training Fund Authority for a nationally recognised Certificate IV or Diploma training program with Workplace Dimensions.
Training subsidies of up to $1,400 are available for these programs:
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Federal Government releases 2016 report National Report on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

In May 2017, the National Mental Health Commission released its 2016 National Report on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. 

In the Report, they consider the factors that will lay the foundations for the Commission’s future monitoring and reporting and share the experiences of people, families and support people to better understand how we can help shape a mental health system that can respond to people’s needs more effectively. The report also shares examples of best practice work that is being undertaken in improving mental health outcomes and reducing suicide across Australia.

Get Help – 24 Hour Emergency Services

Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back – 1300 659 467

Kids Help Line – 1800 551 800

Download the report >>
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Leadership Dimensions
Dealing With Stress Programs

Stress comes in many forms, sometimes positive and useful for peak performance, and sometimes counterproductive when built up over a period of time.

Stress shows up as higher absenteeism, higher Workcover claims, poor performance, bullying behaviour, harassment, and a negative, toxic culture. Whilst most companies have preventative safety programs, they fail to provide managers with an understanding of what happens to a person when affected by a critical incident or cumulative stress at home or at work and what to do about it.

Our sister division Leadership Dimensions offer three distinctly different, yet complimentary programs.

See Leadership Dimensions' 'Dealing With Stress' Programs >>
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BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

This program trains you to identify hazards in the workplace, assist with responding to incidents, assess and control risk.

Funding available in QLD Read more>
BRISBANE 21-25 Aug I 9-13 Oct 


CANBERRA Funding available  Read more>  24-28 Jul I 20-24 Nov
MELBOURNE  23-27 Oct
SYDNEY 18-22 Sept
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BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety

This program is designed to elevate the skills of those who coordinate the work health and safety program of an organisation.

BRISBANE Funding available  Read more>
August 2017 Start |  Module 1: 7-9 Aug 2017 Module 2: 4-6 Sep  Module 3: 18-20 Oct

CANBERRA Funding available  Read more>
September 2017 Start | Module 1: 18-20 Sep Module 2: 30 Oct – 1 Nov Module 3: 13-15 Nov
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TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Want to be a trainer in your area of expertise? Gain the skills to train people, in one-on-one, group and classroom settings and make sure those you’ve trained meet the required learning outcomes, including to the level required by national standards.

8 DAY FACE TO FACE PROGRAM (2x4 days) + COACHING -  $2,395
CANBERRA Funding available - $1,195 if eligible Read more >
July 2017 Start: Module 1 & 2: 18-21 Jul Module 3 & 4: 14-17 Aug

MELBOURNE, BRISBANE & SYDNEY DATES: Please contact us for info.
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BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

Designed for emerging leaders, in this program you’ll learn how to provide leadership and guidance to others in the workplace and to manage effective, motivated, high performing teams in all types of organisations and industries.
MELBOURNE, BRISBANE & SYDNEY, CANBERRA DATES: Please contact us for the next dates.
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