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Happy August!

I hope it has been a great summer so far filled with fun and sun :-)

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Enjoy the long weekend!
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How do you talk to someone who is grieving?

When there is a shadow of grief in our lives- What is the best thing for someone to say? How do we heal and stay healthy?

Letting Go

‘The measuring of worth and success in terms of time, and the insistent demand for assurances of a promising future, make it impossible to live freely both in the present and in the promising future when it arrives.
For there is never anything but the present. And if one cannot live there, one cannot live anywhere.’

-Alan W. Watts The Way of Zen

How to Sleep Well

Patients often ask me how they can improve their sleep naturally. Studies have shown that bad sleep can dramatically alter your health and one of the best ways to increase your well-being is to ensure you get a proper night’s ‘kip’.

The German Football Team Uses Homeopathy

What were they using to treat the aches and pains that naturally occur during a physically rigorous trial like the World Cup?


The study, carried out by researchers from Koblenz found that nearly 92% of all doctors working at German football league teams (including the national team) prescribe homeopathic remedies to players.

Some exciting research has been done in the Netherlands which suggests that homeopathy might be able to provide a solution.

The Consultation: Part one

Hi my name is Christy Zettl and I am classical homeopath with private practices in Vancouver and Kelowna. This week I wanted to talk about what to expect in a consultation.

Sign petition to update Wikipedia's definition of Homeopathy

For too long the description of homeopathy has been biased, out of date, and closed for editing. Help us change this through a online petition so all the research is available on homeopathy.

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