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Watering hole at Ngala, South Africa

Happy Halloween.

Below is the latest collection of articles from the last couple months. A lot of big reports and promising research was published in homeopathy world, which is great!

I have also continued my fascination with Farside comics into the fall and hope you might have a chuckle too.

Feel free to peruse some of the latest posts below but as always, a full library is available at: Over one hundred posts now!

You can search by keyword, subject, or date. So easy.

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The latest articles on how to win at life and reduce stress

These articles are a nice pivot from a current state I’ve heard people repeatedly talk about (and me say myself): Time is speeding up, they are so busy. How many times have you heard yourself or people around you say this?

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2014 Homeopathy in Germany Survey released

Encouraging new market data from, Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller e.V. (BAH), an independent polling institution, shows that over half the German population has used homeopathic medicines and that the number of users has gone up from 53% of the population in 2009 to 60% in 2014.

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Farside health funnies
Last month I joined Facebook as Zettl Health and every Wednesday morning I’ve been posting some Farside classics. Gary Larsen is a genius! Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.
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Farside Health Funnies: Part two

So it turns out I have a few more Farside comics collected now. Gary Larsen has a weird sense of humor that never fails to make me smile.  All of them are also posted on my Facebook page too.

In the New Year look out for Calvin and Hobbes and their life ponderings. :-)

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Zettl is new to Facebook (and a little late to the party). Better late than never! :-)
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CAM 2020- The contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to sustainable healthcare in Europe

Did you know there are over fifty thousand homeopaths (medical and non-medical) in Europe?

Did you know the World Health Organization has recommended that member states incorporate Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) into their health care systems?

This is the most up to date report on the current state of CAM in Europe.

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New research using homeopathy in treatment of ADHD and Fibromyalgia
Of note in September was a study from researchers at the University of Toronto and University of Alberta on using homeopathy to treat ADHD. They found ‘63% had a statistically significant improvement’ and the findings warranted future research. 
Fibromyalgia is a surprisingly common condition these days and more research is needed into safe and non-toxic alternatives (like homeopathy) for pain management.
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Plantago major for bites and stings

If you look down while walking around in Vancouver, you will see this little plant everywhere.
It is called Plantago major and did you know that when you apply the leaves to a bug bit or sting, it takes the sting and pain right out?
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Sign petition to update Wikipedia's definition of Homeopathy

For too long the description of homeopathy has been biased, out of date, and closed for editing. Help us change this through a online petition so all the research is available on homeopathy.

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