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Cirque du Monde has donated 50 tickets for a show appearing in Denver. We have tickets for July 2nd and July 23rd.  Please contact us at to purchase your tickets and enjoy the magic of Circus while supporting PL’s programs. Performing Life receives all proceeds of tickets sold through us.

First Performance of the year! 

Friday, April 17, the participants of Performing Life gave the first (2 hours long!) performance of 2015! It was fantastic and great to see their proud faces! Adaly, the circus director, had arranged with the neighborhood that the children could perform at a central location. There were lots of people from the neighborhood to watch the performance and they looked very impressed. During the show Albert, a long time participant and one of the new instructors in Uspha Uspha, was the presenter. With many jokes he announced all performances and he made the audience very excited! Some of the new kids in Montenegro showed what they had learned in just a few weeks, and children who have been attending classes for years displayed their skills on the trapeze, with the unicycle and some tricks with fire. Also Maria, one of the Spanish students volunteering with us,  prepared two dances with the girls from the morning group in Quillacollo. Check out the pictures!


Circus Arts Classes

Circus Arts Classes
The activities in the morning led by Tania in Quillacollo have grown to include film classes, thanks to our Bolivian volunteer Nayra! In April, the children started writing scenes with each other and in May they will film those scenes together. The children are very excited and we look forward to seeing final outcome!
In April we started, in collaboration with Proyecto Horizonte, social circus classes in Uspha Uspha, 6 miles southeast of Cochabamba. Children, who could not come to Quillacollo or Montenegro because of the transport costs, can now attend classes in Uspha Uspha! Classes run twice a week, Monday with Adaly and Thursdays with our new youth instructors Alberth and Lino. At the moment it is still a small group (more or less 10 participants), but the children who come are enthusiastic and motivated. We look forward to seeing this class begin to grow i the coming months.

The classes in the Montenegro satellite office are still crowded. Almost every day there are 50 youth. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm and progress in such a short span of time!

Bracelet and Investment Program

During April, we visited more than 10 participating families at their homes. It is always impressive to see how the Bracelet Program directly contributes to a better quality of life for the youth and their families.

Read below for some examples of the progress made over the last few months:
In 2013, the Colque family bought land for $3000, using money from the bracelet program in combination with a loan. They started building a house, consisting of two rooms. The rooms are not finished yet, but they live there already. The will use the rest of the funds in their account to finish the rooms and possibly build a third room.
The Mamani family has participated for many years in Performing Life and saved a significant sum of money. In 2013 and 2014 the family invested the last of their savings to build a kitchen and a room for Jose Luis and his brother. It looks very nice, with hard-plastered walls and ceramic tiles! The family now lives in excellent condition! Another success for the Bracelet Program.
Alberth is one of Performing Life’s long-term participants. He has sent bracelets for three years and has saved most of the proceeds. Recently he invested $281 to purchase materials and build a bathroom in his grandfather’s house. by the end of the year he plans to invest in sound and light equipment to expand his own circus performance business (He currently works as a clown), employing some of the best PL youth. Albert is a good example of how a determined youth can use circus arts to create a business.
In addition, in April, four families have met with PL staff in the office to discuss the investment of their money. At the moment, one of them is taking sewing lessons and working on a budget with us to buy sewing machines to start her own business. Check some of the photos!

Educational Program

In the morning in Quillacollo and in the afternoon in Montenegro, participating youth have been taking advantage of the Educational Program. Our two-hardworking students from Spain, Maria and Marina, taught the children English, Math and Geography. In addition, we received a new volunteer, Emma, a student from the SIT program, and similar to a previous volunteer, she is writing a book based on the lives and dreams of the  kids who participate in Performing Life programs. She focused on basic literacy skills, discussed various topics with the youth and in the first two weeks of May she hopes to write her story. We are very curious about her book! Read more about the Kids' Books Bolivia project here:

Current volunteers

In April, Derek Tyler arrived from Uruguay for two weeks to help us with accounting, establishing internal controls, and writing an operations and financial manual. In collaboration with Derek, we developed an efficient system for Performing Life to monitor the money processes well. Muchas gracias Derek!
Besides Derek, Manon, Nayra, Maria, Marina and Emma we also welcomed Iselda, a Bolivian social communications student. Currently she helps the circus director with his classes once a week but in the coming months is hoping to increase the number of days she works with us. In total she will stay 1.5 years with us. We are very happy with all this extra and very welcome help!

Volunteering with Performing Life is an amazing experience, no matter what your skill set is.  Volunteers can do anything from fundraising to teaching aerial acrobatics to making documentary films with youth participants. If you are interested in sharing your skills and interests with PL youth, please contact

Other News
  • Performing Life is participating in a competition in Holland to win 12,587 Euros. We are very proud to say that we have been nominated by the jury as one of the three best projects! This means that Marye at the end of June will give a 5-minute presentation in the Netherlands. This competition has given us the opportunity to reach a lot of people with the Performing Life story and it would be wonderful if we win the prize money after the presentation. Together with Manon, our volunteer who is an industrial designer, we are busy making a dazzling presentation!

We appreciate your support and invite you to continue creating better futures through the arts with Bolivian youth and their families.  Tax-exempt contributions may be made through our web site,  Even small donations make a big impact.  For current news and photos, please visit our Facebook page, Performing Life, Inc. or contact us at


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