Medicaid Expansion Battle Re-Starts Monday

NOTE: Senators Stosch, Hanger, Watkins, Puckett and Colgan are the most likely to switch their votes. Make sure you contact them as well as your own legislator.


Virginia General Assembly Special Session Update
On Monday, the session will reconvene where each chamber will vote on their budgets and then send them over to the other chamber where the House will reject the Senate budget and the Senate will likely reject the House budget. This will set-off another conference committee which will likely end in another stalemate. The Governor will then have to call for another special session.
Two weeks have passed since the General Assembly adjourned without a budget agreement. Since then the Governor has been on his Medicaid Magical Mystery Tour speaking at hospitals across the commonwealth in the hopes of putting pressure on delegates and senators to vote for expanding Medicaid in the special session this coming week. Unfortunately for our new Governor, his tour is not having the effect he had hoped. Legislators are reporting that their constituents are not calling asking for  expansion. Apparently, Governor McAuliffe’s magic never materialized. 
Your Help Is Needed
This void in messaging is a great opportunity for us to help drive home our message for Monday’s special session. We encourage you to contact your delegate and senator and tell them two things:
1. Separate Medicaid expansion from the budget so localities can plan their budgets to fund education, public safety, and mental health.
2. Allow the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission to do its job of reforming Medicaid in VA.
Lastly, we encourage you to go to to sign the petition asking the Governor to separate Medicaid from the budget.
We have the Governor and the Senate on the ropes, it is now time to put on a full court press and let them know our “March Madness” will not let up!!
Thanks in advance for all of your help. You are making a difference!!

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More Ammo for Our Side:
1.   FGA released a new video today on the Arkansas Private Option.  As you know, the “Marketplace Virginia” Medicaid expansion plan is a badly-plagiarized version of the Arkansas Private Option.
       In the video, Arkansas House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman and other policymakers warn legislators in other states not to buy into the Private Option’s empty promises. This video is a great introduction for legislators and grassroots folks about the rhetoric vs. the reality of the lauded Arkansas model.  Please feel free to show and use the video to support your efforts 
       YouTube link HERE

        Read a handout that summarizes why the Private Option is bad policy here .

2. Read today's Watchdog article on the disingenuousness of the
    Hospital Lobby HERE .

3. More Talking Points HERE .
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