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Tuesday, we welcomed over 30 professionals to inspire them with two short masterclasses about Customer Experience Design. Our stars Astrid & Cleo gave two entirely different perspectives on this mesmerising subject. Of course, we want to inspire you too. Therefore, we added one unique article about Customer Experience in this edition of a mail named SUE. 

Build an unforgettable first-time experience

First impressions matter and you only get one chance to make a good impression. Why? A human will determine in slightly 4 to 10 seconds what he thinks about something. Wayne Chang lives up to this statement. His start-up mission was to build one kickass onboarding process to spark user's excitement at the most crucial moment in the journey.

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Inside the Kremlin’s hall of mirrors

Imagine a war that's not fought on the battlefield but in the 'psychosphere'. It may feel like a sci-fi movie, but Russia is becoming an expert in this type of warfare. They use fake news, doctored photographs and stages TV clips to create the desired behaviour among citizens. This strategy is highly effective and also drenched in dark wisdom.

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Scaling Nudges with Machine Learning

“Everyone is a snowflake. How do we nudge a snowflake to follow the math?” This question can be answered more easily with the help of machine learning. Computer systems can suggest beautiful ways to get a million snowflakes to do the desired thing, just by looking at everyone’s personal data.

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