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Dear humans,

As of today you can call us by our new name: SUE | Behavioural Design!

This change is by far the most significant step in rebranding our company. Wait but....why I hear you think. Well, we had a two reasons for this rebranding. 

The practical reason: two websites

In October 2016 we started The Behavioural Design Academy (BDA) aside of the SUE Amsterdam agency, as an experiment. It was a succes and quickly outgrew the experimental phase. But to keep up with demand we had put all of our efforts in improving the English academy website. At the same time we had the agency website, which was in Dutch. We had a hard time explaining the link between the two brands. Not to mention the nightmare that follows from trying to maintain two websites. It was a mess and we got stuck :( 

The strategic reason: SUE is all about the Behavioural Design Method

At the core of what we do is the Behavioural Design Method. A systematic approach to turn deep human understanding into ideas for behavioural change. With this method, we only do trainings and sprints. So the only logical solution to our problem is to rebrand SUE as a Behavioural Design Consultancy. Here we help organisations and companies unlock the superpowers of behavioural psychology to become successful in influencing consumer behaviour, citizen behaviour, workspace behaviour and even their own behaviour.

At the moment we offer:

We're very excited about this next step in the evolution of SUE! Our razor-sharp focus on behavioural design has attracted people from all over the world to attend our trainings in Amsterdam. And we're doing Sprints and incompany training sessions all over Europe, the US and within a couple of months, in Australia too.

But there's much more to come: Astrid is working on her book, we're in the process of creating advanced trainings and we'll start prototyping an e-course this fall!

Now, go ahead and check out >
And it's in Dutch too, hoera!

Upcoming training agenda

Want to know how influence works? Deconstruct the science behind influence and learn how you too can nudge people into positive choices. Whether it is citizen behaviour, team behaviour, customer behaviour or your very own. Check out all upcoming training sessions now!

Behavioural Design Fest '19: which speaker should we invite?

On Friday September 20th we will host our second edition of Behavioural Design Fest. Last year we had an amazing event with amazing speakers, who deconstructed how influence works in areas ranging from game design, politics, hospitality, happiness, product design, sports, attention and terrorism. 

Now we're wondering: do you have a speaker suggestion? Who should we invite? Who's the best kept secret in talking about designing citizen behaviour, employee behaviour and customer behaviour? Share your suggestion with in return for eternal karma. 

Do you have a challenge we might be able to help with? Consider hiring SUE? In 60 minutes you'll get a non-binding Behavioural Design perspective on your challenge. Who knows where it could lead to...

Book 60 minutes with SUE for free >

That's all for now, we hope to catch you next week!

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