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January 8th, 2020

Dear reader, 


I deleted Twitter from my phone today. It drove me nuts. 

I noticed that every time I opened Twitter, the platform is working hard to get me in an angry indignation mode. Under the "recommended for you"-header, partisan political messages are being suggested to me all the time. Twitter doesn't do this because it thinks I'm interested in this content, but because its algorithms have figured out that angry people spend more time on the platform. I decided this week that I don't want to spend more time on a platform that is actively using behavioural design to appeal to my darkest fears and desires just for the sake of being able to serve me more ads. 

Twitter used to be my brain-feed. It was a delight to tap into the thoughts and links of smart people. However, the behavioural design of the Twitter-platform is triggering the worst in people: It triggers slogan-like writing, it rewards controversy with more likes and shares, and it allows people to hide their identity and reputation behind their avatar. Its design triggers outrageous behaviour and its algorithms fuel this outrage further. 

I decided to switch my craving for interestingness to platforms where: 

  1. The design of reputation is much better: People are much politer and wiser on Linkedin because their professional status is much more at stake
  2. Algorithms can't play me. There's no way for an algorithm to manipulate me when I'm listening to my favourite podcasts (Freakonomics Radio, Making Sense, The Knowledge Project). I decide to subscribe, and then the author has to work hard to earn my time. If not, I unsubscribe. 
  3. Threes had to die for it: Books are still the number one source for interestingness. To take time to explore a subject through the writing of a skilled author is the greatest joy. 

If you can read Dutch, this is a screenshot of my Twitter notifications. Twitter suggests under the "recommended for you"-headings three Tweets to fuel my anger: An "I love Trump tweet", a "leftist elite gone mad tweet" and "Immigrant crimes are being tabooed (by the leftwing conspiracy of course)". 

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How to nudge people to eat vegetarian?

Simple. A study of over 94,000 cafeteria meal choices has found that doubling the vegetarian options—from one in four to two in four—reduced the proportion of meat-rich purchases by between 40-80% without affecting overall food sales. (Thanks André Gubbels for the tip)

#Choice_Architecture #nudging

Smart Vegan framing

Our daughter loves chicken filet. We discovered this vegan option this week in the supermarket. I think it's brilliant framing. By calling it "Chicken free slices", you can't help but thinking about the fact that it's meant to be a chicken replacement. This is a beautiful illustration of "don't think of an elephant". This brand did a brilliant job in making you think of vegan chicken filet by calling it "chicken free"


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That's all for this week, we hope to catch you next week!

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