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Oil Consumption
Jan/July 2014 Vs 2013
2008 to 2013

Dear <<First Name>>,
Below is a link to four charts which provide a summarised view of oil consumption in Ireland this year and in recent years.

While the trend reflects a general decline in the level of oil consumption overall, the optimistic view would be that there appears to be a bottoming out in oil sales as the Irish recovery takes hold and that 2014 may see a reversal of year on year declines.

Kerosene sales within this have been particularly badly hit because of the recession and due to mild winters over the last few years.

We also note that sales of  Sulphur Free Gas Oil 10 as a percentage of total Inland Marked Gas Oil (excluding Coastal and International Marine) has increased from Jan/July last year by 5.5% points to 50.9%. Does this reflect the narrowing of cost and sales prices for the two grades of marked gas oil and/or better enforcement of regulations around the proper use of each grade? - the jury is out. 

Please take a look at all the data in the context of your own sales to see how your business is performing versus the market.  

For chart display click on link below.

Ireland Oil Consumption

Yours sincerely,

Padraic Donnelly and Brian Harte

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