Third REBus newsletter: In this edition read about our pilot projects and much more..

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REBus Newsletter: November 2015 Edition
  • REBus News 
    • Coming soon - a helping hand with REBM's
    • Circular Horizons 2016/17 Brokerage Event
    • Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable
  • Partner profile: the Aldersgate Group
  • Circular economy package due next month
  • Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing: Open call for funding
  • Latest in circular economy
    • Wales Can Become The “First Truly Circular Economy”
    • Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival
    • New Sitra report on new business models in the textile industry

REBus News

  • Coming soon - a helping hand with REBM’s
    REBus is reaching an exciting phase! Over the next few months we’ll be able to share the learning experience from the pilot projects of companies and organisations testing REBM’s across the UK and NL. The information will be available on a refreshed REBus website, in our newsletter and on social media. Let us know what information and resources you need to help you progress your REBM’s journey.
  • Circular Horizons 2016/17 Brokerage Event
    Organised by KTN and with support by EU Life+ project REBus, the event was the first in a series of five brokerage events to launch Societal Challenges Two and Five. The event coincided with the European Commission publishing the much-anticipated draft Work Programmes for Horizon 2020 for 2016 & 2017, which has now been adopted and fully published.
  • Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable
    Last month, the Manufacturing Commission launched its newest inquiry report, 'Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable', ahead of the Paris COP21 talks. The report outlines key measures government and industry should take to ensure long-term prosperity, for which one of the key areas is system redesign and business model innovation.
Partner profiles: the Aldersgate Group

The Aldersgate Group is an alliance of leaders from business, politics and civil society that drives action for a sustainable economy. Our members include some of the largest UK businesses with a collective global turnover of over £300bn, leading NGOs, professional institutes, public sector bodies, trade bodies and cross-party politicians. 

We develop independent policy solutions based on the expertise and diversity of all members. Through our members, we aim to represent every sector of the economy, allowing us to advocate change that benefits all parts of the economy. We bring this expertise to the REBus project, working to disseminate findings and recommendations from the project to influence the policy agenda and promote resource efficient business models as business as usual.
Circular economy package due next month

The European Commission has announced that the revised circular economy package will be released on 2 December. Early drafts have included parameters for ‘targeted action’ in food, construction, industrial and mining waste, and public procurement. REBus partners have met with EU Commission officials and MEPs to discuss the new package’s contents and shared early learnings from the pilot projects to inform the final text.
The new set of proposals follow a decision in Brussels in late 2014 to replace an original package with ‘more ambitious’ revisions.
Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing: call for funding

Following their successful first Call for Proposals, the Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing now has an open call for project proposals on areas such as reverse logistics, cleaning, measuring material wear, diagnostics and assessment tools. Application forms are available online.
Latest in circular economy
  • Wales Can Become The ‘First Truly Circular Economy’
    Speaking at the WRAP Cymru conference, WRAP’s Chief Executive Dr Liz Goodwin announced three new programmes of work that are designed to deliver a circular economy for Wales, noting that the country ‘has the potential to become the first truly circular economy’. The programmes will run until March 2018 and benefit from almost £9.5m in funding from the Welsh Government.
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival
    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation hosted its annual Disruptive Innovation Festival earlier this month from 2-20 November, which explored how disruptive innovation might transform the way products are created and consumed. REBus partners hosted two events:
    • KTN organised a live debate, which posed three contentious statements for experts to discuss the UK's ability to adapt to disruptive innovation.
    • WRAP's session discussed whether REBMs are truly disruptive and introduced the next exciting phase of REBus – the dissemination of REBus pilot project learnings.
  • New Sitra report on new business models in the textile industry
    Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, has recently published their study exploring new circular business models for a sustainable textile industry. It shares 10 case studies and proposes a new business model framework based on research conducted by the Dutch organisation Circle Economy.

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