January 2013


Happy New Year!

If you are able to read this newsletter, you have several reasons to start your new year off with gratitude. The most important being that you're ALIVE!

As usual, with a new year, comes all sorts of resolutions and goals which I think are great for the most part. The challenge is to continue even after the "hype" wears off. Have you noticed that your gym has been packed since the New Year? See how long that continues... Sadly enough, the gym hype will slow down by February/March. With any resolution or goal, regardless of when it is set, the key to achieving them is the application of persistence. Jot down the quote at the end of this newsletter and post it on your computer or bathroom mirror as inspiration. 

A Gift of a New Tenant

Just before the holidays I was contacted by a daughter who was assisting her parents with getting their home in Lilburn, GA leased. The parents were looking to move a.s.a.p. and liked the idea of keeping their home as an investment down the road or in case they decided to move back to Georgia. Shortly after meeting with them, the wife moved in hopes of the husband following shortly after. I'm happy to report that this family received the gift of a new tenant for Christmas! And not only did they get a tenant; this tenant is a great fit and loves the home she is now renting. She actually said this is her dream house. How awesome is that?! Problem solved for both parties!

I sincerely enjoyed working with everyone involved. It is always a blessing to work with people who are honest, genuine, and straight-forward. This makes me happy to be in this profession and proud to help my clients with their real estate needs! If leasing is something you have toiled with, read the blog post on the right titled Is Leasing / Renting ever a Good Option??? or contact me to discuss at (404) 857-2508.

Until next time,

Natasha L. Bazile
Realtor & Home Stager

Be inspired...
Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. -Denis Waitley