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YourView Election Project
We have been putting a lot of effort into preparing the YourView platform to cover all major issues in the Federal Election. We're finalising an agreement with a major media entity to integrate YourView into their election coverage, giving it national prominence.  A low-key release of the YourView Election forum is scheduled for next week, and the big public launch for late July. 
Egypt, Israel and Spain: Interview on the ABC
Paul Monk travelled to Egypt and Israel for a week in early April, before flying on to Spain for a fortnight. Many interesting meetings and visits to various parts of Israel were brought to bear in a 35 minute interview on ABC Radio about Egypt and the Middle East. 
Argument Mapping Meta-analysis
Is argument mapping an effective way to teach critical thinking skills? Working on a project sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, Tim van Gelder and statistician Geoff Cumming have produced a new meta-analysis of studies of argument mapping in critical thinking instruction. The bottom line: argument mapping instruction can substantially boost critical thinking skills, but the effect depends greatly ho how intensive the instruction is. Comments welcome.
Lincoln and the public mind
While Spielberg's film Lincoln was still screening in cinemas, the ABC asked Paul Monk to do an interview about it discussing its lessons about the difficulties of political and social reform and the qualities of leadership. He did a subsequent radio interview about slavery and the US constitution
Are we part of a global democratic awakening? June 4th, 5.30, Monash Caulfield
At the ‘Direct Democracy’ exhibition at the Monash University Museum of Art  Real Democracy Australia will facilitate a discussion where we ask “Are we part of a global democratic awakening?" Tim van Gelder exhibiting artist Carl Scrase and other members of Real Democracy Australia in an open forum discussion.  All welcome.  More details
Argument Mapping and Augmenting Human Intelligence - June 6th, RMIT
Tim van Gelder will be giving a big-picture overview of argument mapping and augmentation of human intelligence at a "Future Salon" organised by the folks at Singularity Summit Australia.  The "singularity" is the idea that very soon there will be a tipping point when machines become smarter than humans, and smart enough to make themselves even smarter, leading to "interesting" prospects for humanity.  All welcome. 
Confident predictions get you more followers
We were amused by not surprised by a recent report in Phys.Org which revealed that sports pundits (a) do badly, and (b) build a Twitter following based on how confident they sound, not how accurate they are.
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