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2019 YogaWorks 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Final day of the Desert Yoga School 34-hour "Subtle Body + Philosophy" module
Ongoing mentorship helps great yoga teachers become even better!
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Yoga practice rewards us with steady clarity in our minds and our lives.
Namaste, Friends!

Fall is here and it is a delight! We've harvested buckets of pears and big piles of holy basil and lemon balm. Eggplant and okra are in abundance. So many cucumbers! The cool air calls us outside and perhaps some of you are being drawn to gardening as well! It's a good time to start--get your hands in the soil and sow some seeds. Then enjoy holiday tacos with cilantro and lettuce grown in your own yard!

The final day of our module of the YogaWorks 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training was bittersweet for Jeremy and I! See photo above. We know that all good things must eventually come to an end, but we had so much fun sharing Pranayama, Sanskrit chanting, yoga philosophy, guided meditations + relaxations, plant-based meals and camaraderie with 16 special yoga teachers! We wish them all the best of luck on their journey and look forward to our paths crossing again soon!

Fall semester at UNLV is off to an exceptional start! 90 new yoga practitioners have established the beginnings of personal yoga practice, and I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity to guide them. They've learned to use the breath as a tool to center themselves, to guide themselves through a full-body relaxation routine, a walking meditation technique, and they are practicing a short posture sequence four days each week. It's fun to watch students' lives improve with the implementation of a self-led yoga practice! 

Jeremy and I have been making changes and additions to the Desert Yoga School website on a near-daily basis, and if you haven't visited the site lately we encourage you to do so! We've redesigned the "Courses" page to make for easier exploration of our offerings, added lots of photos and student testimonials, and are streamlining the layout to improve usability. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Read on for information about upcoming courses and events!

Vegas Yoga Festival: Sunday October 6
Join us at the Springs Preserve this weekend for the Vegas Yoga Festival! This is a new event--come check it out with us! Jeremy and I are giving a talk on Sunday October 6 in the "Divine Room." Use discount code "presenter10" at the online check-out for a 10% discount.

Asana Workshop Series: December 2019-January 2020
Join Jeremy and I for postures sessions on Saturdays during the holiday season! We have been co-teaching these multi-level workshops since 2012 and have seen many students have breakthroughs with their practices as a result of our super-organized programming. Each workshop is focused on a family of postures, which we address thoroughly with concise anatomy lessons, talks on how to use the different types of shapes for stress relief, well-sequenced asana practices, and fresh plant-based lunches. If you have established a basic postures practice and are looking to add some more complex shapes to your practice, you will leave these sessions with a clear program for what to work on next. If you are an advanced practitioner with the desire to take your practice to the next level, we will help to fine-tune your practice and coach you into innumerable variations. More info on the Desert Yoga School website

Deepening Your Practice: May + June 2020
Students who have established a self-led asana practice and are ready to delve deeper into yoga are invited to join us during weekends in May-June 2020 for the Desert Yoga School 100-hour "Deepening Your Practice" yoga intensive. Jeremy and I will coach you on your asana practice and we'll examine dozens of shapes to help you understand their salient features and potential benefits. Learn the basics of Sanskrit chanting and how to use mantra as a tool for meditation, a sequence of Pranayama exercises for health and mental control, and the basics of yoga philosophy. The course includes guided meditations and relaxations, an introduction to India's epic Ramayana, participation in Vedic fire ceremonies and dozens of fresh plant-based meals that feature homegrown organic produce. The focus of this course is personal development and for students who desire to teach, it represents the first 100 hours of our basic Yoga Teacher Training. Details are on the Desert Yoga School website.

Basic Yoga Teaching: June + July 2020
Disclaimer: The Desert Yoga School 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is not the quickest or easiest way to obtain Yoga Alliance-approved credentials! But for the dedicated yoga practitioner, serious yoga student, and sincere believer in yoga's ability to transform lives, we believe it is one of the best ways. The Desert Yoga School "Basic Yoga Teaching" course represents the second 100 hours of our basic Yoga Teacher Training, and it is open to students who have completed the "Deepening Your Practice" course, demonstrated proficiency with a basic postures practice, and who are ready to step into the demanding role of the yoga professional. The focus of this four-weekend course is professional development, and students can look forward to lots of practice leading asana practices, teaching how to breathe and relax, and observation of bodies in movement. The practical anatomy component of this course was recently called "the best anatomy program I've ever attended" by a registered nurse! Learn to plan classes appropriate for different venues and populations as Jeremy and I share insights from our combined 32 years of teaching experience. Read more details on the Desert Yoga School website

Namaste, and see you soon!
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Jeremy + Marissa: 1 PM SUNDAY IN "THE DIVINE ROOM"
Qualities like lightness, steadiness, and fluidity develop out of meditation on the elements and discipline of the physical body.
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