Happy April! / Thursday Led Standing Series Class / Friday Led Primary Series
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Happy April!

Warm weather is here, and in the garden it is easy to see how much more energetic living beings are during this warmer time of year. Visible in the photo above are the new trellises we recently erected for the grape vines to use as support. This has brought to mind for me the need we all have for sufficient support--material, emotional, and otherwise--in order for us to flourish. Just as an attentive gardener provides physical support for climbing flora, a successful person continually assesses his or her needs and makes moves to acquire the support needed at each stage of the journey. One of my students made a joke this morning about this being the "springtime of continuing education"--and it does in fact seem like the shift of seasons has the potential to inspire us to seek out the support we need in order to grow and thrive in various areas of our lives. I encourage each of you to reflect upon self with the same loving, non-judgmental eyes with which you might assess a grapevine or sweet pea, and to ask yourself "Do I have all the support I need to thrive?" 

If you ask yourself that question and realize you could use a led yoga class, then come visit me at Blue Sky Yoga on Thursdays or Fridays at 3:30. Thursday's class consists of the Ashtanga Yoga standing series and is accessible for most. Friday we practice the full Ashtanga Primary Series, which is open to all while also being challenging for pretty much everyone. I would love to see you on your mat.

With love, 
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