New Mexico Greenfriends is what we, the Satsang, want it to be...
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New Mexico Greenfriends is What We, the Satsang, Want it to Be!

What do we want it to be?

Greenfriends was started at Amritapuri in 2001 for the preservation and protection of nature. (Read the history here.) New Mexico Greenfriends has gone through many changes. In the beginning, there was inspiration due to Amma's guidance that everyone should grow some of their own food. Many classes were held and well attended. The feedback was very good. However, the interest in the classes declined, and so the classes were no longer offered. Amma also asked the Ashram to plant 40 fruit trees a few years ago. Some people were excited in the beginning, and many people came to help plant and take care of the trees. The trees are struggling now and there are not enough people available to help care for them.
This year NM Greenfriends renewed its partnership with the Santa Fe Watershed Association to be a steward for two sections of the river. The Amma Center is responsible for keeping these areas of the river clean every month. One to five people have shown up for this every month. Thank you!
For one year Greenfriends held Archana outside on the Amma Center of NM property every Monday morning for the benefit of Nature. This also did not seem to be of interest to the community, so it is no longer offered. Although, anyone is welcome to come chant and meditate on the Amma Center property any time!

For Amma's 59th birthday last year, She unveiled a new initiative, the InDeed Campaign through Embracing the World. This offered us 6 easy ways to "help restore the lost balance between humanity and nature." The 6 commitments are:
1. Conserve Water
2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint
3. Plant a Tree
4. Grow your own Veggies
5. Carpool
6. Build a House for Birds or Bugs

Can New Mexico Greenfriends be a leader in any of these areas? Not without YOUR help. NM Greenfriends is about the community, the whole community. All of Amma's children can decide what NM Greenfriends stands for, what it is able to support, what it can represent in the larger community of Santa Fe and New Mexico. The potential for this initiative is unlimited. What should we do next? Would anyone like to lead a Bug House Building Workshop at the Amma Center? Would anyone like to bring in a speaker to talk about local environmental issues? Would anyone like to plant native trees somewhere? Are NM devotees interested in restoring the balance? How shall we do that? YOUR voice is VALUABLE and WELCOME.
You can also join the carpool list by simply filling out this form >> (if the link does not work, visit to fill out the very simple form) FYI, only 6 people are on the list currently.
Please email us with your ideas and projects to share with the community. Thanks.
oṃ amá¹›tÄ“Å›varyai namaḥ  ॐ अमृतेश्वर्यै नमः à´“à´‚ അമൃതേശ്വര്യൈ നമഃ

Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya an inspiration in caring for Nature. Check out the many initiatives at the new Chicago Ashram!

The Amma Center of New Mexico is a Steward for the Santa Fe River. We are responsible for cleaning two sections of the river along East Alameda every month.

THIS MONTH, Saturday, August 17th: Please meet us at 10am at Patrick Smith Park. Gloves and bags are provided. This is an easy and pleasant way to help the community and the environment. Thank you!

Read more about the project here or email Navya.

GREAT NEWS! SANTA FE SCRAP takes all plastics numbered #1 through #7! Thanks to Victoria for the tip! Call them @ 505-474-6969. ALBERTSONS takes all plastic bags, including; TORTILLA BAGS, ZIPLOCK BAGS, PRODUCE BAGS!
Do you do mantra japa? Remember that our Spiritual Practices also have a powerful, positive effect on the environment, perhaps this will give you incentive when you feel unmotivated.
Stephen Ritz: A teacher growing green in the South Bronx Awesome Inspirational and Incredible TED TALK emailed to us from Andrea!
Check out this facebook event by Luisa. It is a 5 minute meditation from 12pm-12:05 on Sunday, August 11th for RAIN, BALANCE and NOURISHMENT.
"Only through love and compassion is the protection and preservation of Nature possible.” ~Amma
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