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Nerves. Anxious feelings. That pit in your stomach.

It happens to all of us, right?

'Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.'

That's a nice motivational quote, but it's a lot harder in action.

Once you make the call, give the speech, or ask for the raise, you realize... you didn't die. No matter what the outcome, you live through it and usually feel pretty proud of yourself.

The more we stretch ourselves, the more our confidence builds and the easier it gets.

But try explaining that to a scared 6 year-old. Eeks.

As we get closer to school time, I know a lot of parents are thinking about how to help their anxious kids with the fear that paralyzes them.

I know I am! My daughter has always had so much trouble with new situations. It's heart-breaking as a mom to peel her off me and push her on her way. Thankfully we found a solution that has helped her immensely.

And not only did it help her, it helps ME and multiple clients I've worked with.

How to Conquer Nerves Naturally - get the Solution!

If you or your kids experience that paralyzing, sleep-inhibiting fear, you've got to read about the solution.

As my daughter's starting a brand-new school in a brand-new town this year, I feel so much more confident knowing she has a tool to help her. Because if mom is feeling uncertain and scared, I know she is too. :) 

Wishing you a wonderful summer weekend!

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