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Oh my gosh, I feel like I've unintentionally taken two weeks off. Eeks. This whole moving thing has proven much more difficult than I anticipated. All is well, but the emotions are real.

The good news is, September is a fresh start. With back-to-school and the leaves changing colors, it feels like a new year, doesn't it? 

That new year feeling makes it the perfect time to set a new goal. 

If you've got a goal you're working towards, I have the best trick to make sure it sticks this time! 

I always share this with my health coaching clients because it works...

Step 1: Dig into why you want the result in the first place. If your 'why' isn't strong, you'll give in as soon as things get tough. 

You have to dig deep here.. for example with weight loss, fitting into a pair of jeans is not enough. Dig into how losing weight will change how you look, feel, and act, and how your life will improve because of it. 

Once you've got a good goal and you know exactly why you want it...

Step 2: Pick an anchor.

What do I mean by that? Choose a physical representation of your goal so you're constantly reminded of why you're working so hard at the habit change required.

You want to pick something that can always be with you and that you'll look at often. Maybe a bracelet or ring, or a message on your cell phone screensaver or phone case. 

The old 'tying a string around your finger' trick works for a reason, right? 

Try it.

When you have a physical reminder with you, your goal is in your face at all times. It's a lot tougher to give up or 'forget'. 

What goal are you working towards? Hit reply and let me know! I'll share mine with you too:)

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