What does it mean to play?  There are many types of play – there is playing with the body, playing with words, playing with objects and creative play where pretend transcends reality.  There is no wrong way to play and all humans have the skill and capacity to do it.  By definition to play is to engage in activity for enjoyment.  With that logic if you find enjoyment in your work does time at work then become play time?


Research shows that play shapes the development of our brains, our biology and our social skills.  The National Institute for Play studies the biological, social and physical sciences behind play. According to their findings, play is as natural and essential for human development as sleep.  Scholarpedia, a peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, has developed The Encyclopedia for Play Science, a resource that outlines the current science of play behavior.  Play a bit with it, and consider how you can bring play to your workplace.


Radiolab is a public radio show in the United States that explores the boundaries between human experience, science and philosophy.  They have dedicated more than one show to the concept of play.  In the episode “The Rules Can Set You Free” psychology professor Alison Gopnik explains the profound benefits of play. The episode “Games” explore what is it about games that make them so attractive.  The episode “Laughter” ponders the purpose of laughter with neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp



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“Kids get to know each other by play, adults get to know each other by talking.”  Observation from 7-year-old Misha Bhangar, daughter of Simple Intentions Consultant Sameer Bhangar


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