Our habits either support balance as a lifestyle choice or not. When our habits include daily movement and eating wholesome food, we choose balance. When we set down our devices in meetings and at the dinner table, we choose balance. When we take time to rest and recharge, we choose balance. When we choose balance, we gain endless energy, deeper engagement, lasting happiness.


A new year, a fresh look at habits. What habit do you desire in the new year? Stephen Covey said habit is knowledge, skill and desire. It’s also belief: A belief in our ability to embrace a habit. Do you believe it's possible for you to eat healthfully? Is it possible for you to stop multitasking? If that's overwhelming, then what is possible? Salad instead of fries just on Mondays? Turning off your device just during certain meetings? Even small habits spark momentum toward greater balance.


Strategies for starting, stopping and shifting habits abound. In Better than Before, author and happiness expert Gretchen Rubin explores popular and proven strategies, and promotes self-knowledge as key to success with habits. Rubin’s “Habits Manifesto” includes: “Once we’re ready to begin, begin now.”


“The best kind of happiness is a habit you're passionate about.” – Shannon L. Alder


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