Odds are when we feel unbalanced, it's because our values have been threatened. It’s because we’re spending time, money and energy on things that conflict with our values. It’s because we’ve adopted a value – from another person, society, work – that causes unease and steers our behavior in unintentional and unproductive ways. It signals a need to pause and reflect on our values.


Most of us are driven by a few core values that remain constant over the course of our lives. These values shine during our happiest, most proud and uninhibited moments. They are evident to people who love us, even if less apparent to our own selves. As life happens, we may adopt new values, or reprioritize held values. And because life happens, we must occasionally reflect: Are we experiencing the joy and pride of living our values? Have we adopted new values with ease and intention? Are we free to express our values, without compromise?


Knowing our values is essential to living authentically. The article, Integrating Work and Life, highlights the book, Leading the Life You Want, which profiles how people like Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Sheryl Sandberg align their values and actions in their work and life.


“Your values become your destiny.” –Mahatma Gandhi


At Simple Intentions, we tend to devour any content that promotes authenticity at work. Mike Robbins, a thought-leader on human experiences at work and friend of Simple Intentions, does this in his Tedx Talk, Bring Your Whole Self to Work. Learn more about Mike.

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