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Countless studies prove that multitasking – simultaneously doing two (or more) tasks that require any amount of brain power – robs our attention and prevents us from completing either task well. Success stories are testimonials of razor focus. If we want success, we need to resist multitasking and start focusing.


Who are your role models for success? How do they behave in meetings, workshops or other settings that you’ve observed? Are they multitasking? It’s a good bet they are not; rather, they’re listening, focusing and absorbing what’s being said or done. Can you challenge yourself to mirror these individuals and resist the urge to multitask when you really need to focus?  


Move over, multitasking. Singletasking is the secret to success and sanity, claims Devora Zack in her book, Singletasking: Get more done – one thing at a time.


“Focus is about steady attention that doesn’t waver…. [it] isn’t about keeping your attention on a boring textbook lesson. It’s not external at all. It’s about developing one-pointed intention.” Deepak Chopra, Holding Focus—Why You Need This Awareness Skill


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