Imbalance occurs most often when we spend time, money and/or energy on things and actions that don't align with our values. To restore balance, review your values, determine what needs attention, and take steps today to honor your values.


Your values reflect your highest priorities and motivators. They subconsciously guide your life. Ask: What do I value? On what do I joyfully spend my time, money and energy? What am I doing that does or does not align with my values?  


How do Millennials manage work-life balance? No differently, it turns out, than the generations of employees who have come before them. The key, as underscored in the article, A Much Better Way to Think About Work-Life Balance, is no single technique works for everyone. Attaining and sustaining work-life balance is individual, whether you're a 20-something weighing happy hour or another hour of work, or a 40-something balancing work and family calendars.


"You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life." -- Heather Schuck, The Working Mom Manifesto


Can we stop talking about what to call work-life balance? So asks Simple Intentions Founder Jae Ellard in her latest blog post. "It doesn't matter what we call 'work-life balance,'" she writes, "because there is no such thing." Read more on the Simple Intentions Blog at

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