When we experience times of transformation often it’s easier to hold on to what we already know rather than open into the unknown.  Many times, the more uncertain we feel, the more tightly we hold onto ideas, goals, methods, habits and even people.  Even the uncomfortable can feel comfortable in times of change. There comes a point however where the discomfort of holding on is greater than the discomfort of letting go. When this happens, the birth of space for something new comes into our lives – a new idea, a new relationship, a new goal, a new vision – all are created from the expansiveness of letting go of that which no longer serves our desired outcomes.   


To create space for our future to occur and to fully let go, we need to close the previous chapter. Closure can be uncomfortable so many of us skip ending the cycle (which is the same as holding on).  To truly let go we need to say goodbye – and goodbye comes from acknowledging an end.  For most of us, we are taught how to begin things but rarely instructed how to end something. Think of something or someone you are holding onto that you know the time has come to let go.  Now, imagine having a conversation in which you acknowledge what you gained from the experience or relationship. If it feels right to do so have the actual conversation.  Without an end, we cannot begin. And if we don’t acknowledge the end, how then can we create a new beginning?


Depending on the situation, letting go can also mean the act of forgiveness – forgiveness of others or forgiveness of self.  To forgive is the process by which a person experiences a shift in thought, feeling or attitude towards what is felt as an offense.  Renowned psychologist and teacher of Buddhist psychology Jack Kornfield teaches that forgiveness is a way to move on. In this video, sponsored by the Greater Good Science Center, he discusses the 12 Principals of Forgiveness.   



Assume Positive Intent
Stayin’ Alive


“Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.”  - Jack Kornfield


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