Easter bunnies vs. yoga buddies 
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Firstly, yoga doesn’t stop for any Easter bunnies. All my classes are running as usual over this weekend, so come along and justify those mini eggs.

Also this month, when you're sick of Easter bunnies you can try yoga buddies instead. The yoga buddy system lets you get a half price class if you introduce a friend to one of my classes. Read on for more info.

Also this month, there’s a blog about yoga for the office, which could be just the thing to get you past the 3.30pm slump. And there’s news from the Introduction to Vinyasa Flow Course. There’s still time to catch the last three of those wednesday classes and go deeper into your practice. 

See you in class!

Yoga Buddies

Know someone who might like yoga? Fancy getting 50% off a class? Make them your yoga buddy.

Get your class half price if you bring a friend along with you. If they love it, great! If they don’t, you can buy them a coffee afterwards with the money you saved. So ring up that running pal, climbing companion, or bookclub buddy and get them to come along to class.

My classes are either £5 or £8, so if it’s a Monday or a Tuesday class, that’d be £7.50 total for both of you (plus £1 mat hire on a Tuesday, if you want to use a lovely green mat). If you pick a Wednesday or a Saturday class, it’ll be £12 for both of you. Share the love of yoga, yo.  

Office yoga? Use it like a stapler. 

So you love yoga and you’re a super high powered office type with NO TIME to get to class today. You love the idea of doing a bit of yog to spruce the day up a bit, but don’t want to look like a total weirdo as you’re doing it? Yeah me too. So I’ve put together a covert yoga sequence that you can do without anybody noticing a thing. I even put a tie on, to be extra incognito... Continue reading

Private Classes 

I'm available for private classes to fit in with your schedule, whether that's mornings, evenings, during the day, or any other time you can find. I can travel to you at home or work, and the classes will be tailored specifically to you. It could be a regular monthly treat or a one-off lesson to get deeper into a pose. You might want to see what it's like to be free of the limitations of a group setting, to be able to explore and accelerate your learning. Contact me for further details.

Introduction to Vinyasa Flow Course

We’re half way through the Introduction to Vinyasa Flow course. There are three more to go, and each one works a bit like a mini-workshop. I’ve been breaking down the different aspects of a vinyasa flow class, giving you little things to check up on when you’re flowing through those warriors, forward folds, twists etc.

I take the time to look at a couple of poses in detail, building them up through all the levels of stuff to keep in mind, from what your little toe should be doing to stopping that big ol’ brain from wandering off and thinking of dinner. 

It's a proper grounding in vinyasa flow yoga. Every Wednesday 6-7 p.m. at Forward Fitness, That Place Studio, 22 Jamaica Street. (It's above Sub Club.)

There are five ingredients of vinyasa flow: pranayama (breath), bandha (core), asana (pose), drishti (gaze), and vinyasa (movement). So far we’ve covered ujai breath, bandhas, and the foundations of asana. We’ve worked on core strength and done some ferocious warriors.
Tonight we’ll be looking at the art of looking: drishti. Every pose in yoga has a specific place to rest your eyes, and I’ll show you how to use the gaze to deepen your practice. We’ll be taking apart side angles and prasiritas, as well as some of the seated poses. You’ll find that keeping the eyes locked into the pose helps with alignment, intention, and concentration. It works most of the time, but maybe not when you’re staring at your toes thinking that you really should stop wearing those socks that leave bits of black fluff everywhere.
Anyway, the class is dynamic and good for beginners and non-beginners alike: there’s plenty of moving around, and a deep savasana at the end. See you there! 

Introduction to Vinyasa Flow, Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. 

Next week: VINYASA. It'll be all about smooth movements, hitting the rhythm of a flow class to keep the body elastic. 
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