I'm away 5-21 July. Rest up, get ready. 
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Holidays // cat pic // mats // home practice // new classes 

Here are the crucial bits, your YOGALEN news in brief: 
  1. I'll be away for two weeks, 5-21 July.
  2. Cat picture.
  3. Four yoga mats tested
  4. How to practise at home
  5. NEW classes at Activ Tailored Fitness from 22 July. 
  6. Straps and blocks now available on Tuesdays
More details below - read on!

Classes on pause from 5-21 July

I’m off on holiday from 5 to the 21 July. So unless we all Skype or something, you've got a bit of a break from me smiling at you in boat pose. 

Reach for your diary:

  • The Thursday morning class will continue as usual, with the lovely Laura at the helm. Pack your abs for those classes. 
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes will be on PAUSE for the 8/9/10 and 15/16/17 July
  • Classes will be back with renewed vigour for the week beginning 22 July.
Put this in your diary, iCal, whatever.

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Now that's out of the way, here's your reward: 

Cat pose. 

Get a mat, practise at home. 

So I’ll be away for two weeks. This is the perfect time to do a bit of home practice. You’ll need a mat, though.
If you don’t have a mat and you’d like to know which one to get, you’re in luck because I’ve just tested four of the best ones.
Read more on the blog

Sequences to keep you going over the break

You could take the next two weeks as time out from yoga. It’s good to rest up, but don’t let yourself seize up too.
Top tip! Three easy steps to practising at home:
  1. Flick your mat out and stand at the top.
  2. Take one deep breath in, one deep breath out.
  3. You've already done some yoga. 
If you fancy a bit more now that you're standing on your mat, you could try a few sun salutes, a couple of your fave standing poses and a few more of your less favourite ones. The head to seated, play around with some forward folds, and hit up some inversions. 

Then shut the cat/children/partner out of the room and lie down in  savasana. You could even play yourself some stirring music from a film score, if you like. 

I'll be posting a sequence up on the website in the next week, before I go, so be sure to check back and follow it up. There'll be pictures!

One class cancelled, two to be added

I won't be teaching at Merchant City Yoga when I get back. It's been a pleasure to teach there, and thank you to everybody who came to practise in such a beautiful space. 

I will, however, be taking two NEW classes at Activ Tailored Fitness.  It's on Dundas Street, right opposite Queen Street Station. The classes will be: 

Tuesdays 7-8am Morning Flow

Thursdays 6.15-7.15pm Yinyasa

The yinyasa class on a Thursday evening will be a slower-paced restorative class designed to complement your more rigorous yoga practice, running regime, climbing habit, and all-round go-getteriness. It's like sending a big thank you card to your hamstrings. 

Straps and blocks in the Tuesday class

I’ve stocked up on straps and blocks for the Tuesday class (6-7pm at SDTA, 101 Park Road).

Now you can do delightful things like actually appreciate the twist in twisted triangle, or get hold of the bind in bound side angle.

If none of this makes sense, come along to class on Tuesday and you’ll see exactly what I mean (obvs don’t come 9 or 16 July, because I’ll be on the beach). 
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