Innerhalb der nächsten sieben Tagen werden die Ladies alle ihre vier Spiele gegen den Stadtrivalen Barracudas bestreiten - das erste davon gleich morgen Abend in Form eines Nightgames auf der Klopstockwiese in Zürich. Spielbeginn ist um 18:30 Uhr.
Sunday June 16, 2013 - by Chris PalatinusPhoto Album
The Challengers finally came through against Roger Savoldelli and the Enbarch Mustangs to walk away at least with a split on Sunday, June 16. The C's posted a long awaited 4-1 win in Game 1, as starter Andrea Girasole tossed 8.1 magnificent innings, allowing one unearned run and five hits with  two walks, while also striking out five and Thomas Burger recorded the final two outs for his first save of the season.
Game 1 Recap - Game 2 Recap
Wednesday June 12, 2013 - by Chris PalatinusPhoto Album
The Swiss Baseball National Team played its second friendly game at the Heerenschürli ballpark on Wednesday night. Switzerland played against a Zurich Team with players from the Challengers and the Barracudas, which added also the American players from the Luzern Eagles and the Therwil Flyers. Read more While the Swiss tried several things with regard to the Baseball European Championship, that will take place from July 22 till 27 at the Heerenschürli, the Zurich Team was showing a fine performance en route to a 16-2 victory, as Jesus Martinez highlighted the game with a three-run homer.
The National Team will play at the Heerenschürli again from June 28 till 30 at the 2nd Swiss International Alpine Cup. Switzerland will face Austria, Great Britain and Venezuela.
Sunday June 16, 2013 - by Alex Gordon
Here's the thing about playing against the Cardinals in Bern - it stinks. First, it takes a long time to get there. Second, once you get there, there are NO bathroom facilities, very little tree-cover, and the nearest gas-station busts attitude to any "non-gas buying" customers. Third, the field is in absolutely atrocious condition: Weeds, empty glass bottles, a mound that's about a meter higher than it should be, you name it. Finally, there's always about a 75% chance that you're going to get the crap kicked out of you by the home team.

The last time NLB played against Bern, the first game was tied through 8 innings before the Cardinals finally busted loose in the 9th for a 12-5 victory (let's not discuss the second game). Of course, in that instance, NLB had its full compliment of players, plus NLA-rentals Thomas Burger and Eidrys Reyes...and lost twice anyway. This time, the Challengers were going to be missing at least 1/3 of their starters (ended up being 4/9 starters by game-time) and without any NLA-caliber assistance. From this writer's point of view at least, the Challengers was a team that expected to get beaten...and then went out and played up to their own expectations, getting mercied in both games 10-0 and 12-2 respectively.

I'm going to be completely honest with you: With the exception of the first two and a half innings of Game 1, playing in those two games on Sunday was a miserable experience. In fact, it reminded me of a conversation I once had in law school, with my friend Mike, after we had both completed an 8 hour take home exam in U.S. Constitutional Law. When asked how the exam had gone, Mike answered: "Well, about 4 hours into it, I seriously considered killing myself. Like, you know, as a way to improve my situation."

After holding the Cardinals scoreless for the first two innings, Challengers starter Dean Scherbaum was tagged for 9 runs in the top of the third (maybe 3 or 4 earned? I've tried to suppress the memory). When Cardinals' batters weren't scorching line drives all over the field, Challengers' fielders were busy helping out their hosts by dropping, booting, and throwing balls away. After that offensive explosion, the Cardinals managed just 1 more run the rest of the way, but it didn't matter: NLB only managed 1 hit the entire game (although I still strongly assert that my lead-off grounder in the hole was a hit, not an error, but since it was not an "11-run hit", that scoring decision probably didn't swing the outcome of the game. So far as you know).

The second game wasn't much better. Starting pitcher Kurt Kovac struck out the first batter he faced, who reached anyways when the ball got by rookie catcher Torbjorn Olsen. When the second batter deposited a Kovac slider over the outfield fence in left, the Cardinals had a 2-0 lead that they would never relinquish.

Offensively, NLB was a bit better: Carlos Nepomuceno had a double to deep Center-field, Scherbaum had two hits, and Oli Christen had a hit as well. Defensively, Kovac had a great diving grab at short of a liner hit by the Cardinals first baseman, Olsen acquitted himself well behind the plate (especially for someone making his first NLB start AND playing all twelve innings in jungle-like heat), and third baseman Renzo Falcone helped turn a nice 5-3 double play.

But all in all, the results on Sunday for the Challengers were not good. Getting mercied twice is never fun, particularly when some fool sitting behind the home bench feels compelled to ring a cow-bell EVERY TIME the Cardinals scored a run...and they score a LOT (Even Will Ferrell would've pleaded for LESS Cowbell). Probably the only joyful part of the day for this writer was when the public address system from the stadium next to the field started playing "Paradise City" by Guns 'N Roses - that and when we got to watch Nepomuceno half slide/ half belly-flop into home on a passed ball, which was pretty funny. Other then that, the NLB's latest trip to Bern can be described in the same way as all its other trips there over the past three years: It stunk.
Sunday June 16, 2013 - by Serge KuenzlerPhoto Album
The Softball-Team lost twice against a strong Therwil team on Sunday, June 16 at the Klopstockwiese. The Challengers opened the score with two runs in the bottom of the first inning of Game 1, but the Flyers scored nine unanswered runs, as starter Adeline Glauser pitched in and out of trouble several times en route for a 9-2 win for the Flyers.
Game 1 Recap - Game 2 Recap
Sunday June 16, 2013 - by Michel RomangPhoto Album
Photo by Truck Star Dulliken
On Sunday, something happened, which wasn’t believed anymore by the SG Truck Star/Challengers: it was sunny and 1st league Baseball could be played! Unfortunately the opponents were again the Bern Cardinals III and Lucerne Eagles II, which the SG already played this season – and lost. So the team hoped for a better outcome this time around. But the results were again not particularly pretty, as both games were lost. The Eagles won 22-7 and the Cards went home with a 18-6 win.

The first game of the day was a meeting with the Eagles, which were believed to be the weaker opponent of the two. But if the 1st league team had any hopes for a good result, it learned the hard way what the Eagles are able to do. After two batters, 1 out was recorded. So far, so good. But it was definitely not the manager’s plan that the next 11 batters score without even a single out. After 12 runs, the top of the first inning was finally over. Because of the heat, the SG hoped for a long inning by themselves, so they could cool down in the dugout shade, but a quick three-up three-down destroyed that idea.

After another 3 runs to put the score to 15-0, the Truck Star/Challengers combo decided to get something started offensively. With back-to-back walks and a hit-by-pitch, the bases were loaded with nobody out. After a strikeout, Andreas Rüdisühli got the SG on the board with his bases-loaded walk. Cedric Thommen singled in another run, but that was all the SG could do.

The offense seemed to inspire pitcher Philipp Matter as he blanked the Eagles in the 3rd inning. Ryan Koley then drove in the SG’s third run. With 2 outs, the bases were loaded again, but Rüdisühli couldn’t cash them in.

In the 4th inning any hopes for a comeback evaporated in the heat as the Eagles scored 7 more runs, highlighted by a 3-run homerun to left field. Being down 22-3, the SG once again got their rally-hats out and put on runners on first and second with nobody out and Romang up to bat. Still fuming about his bases-loaded line-out in the prior at-bat, he was talked into using one of the metal bats which are allowed in 1st league. Not sure about how to handle this aluminum thingy, he hit the first pitch he saw through the right field fence for a ground-rule double. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad advice. Koley, also hitting with some metal, came through as well with a 2-run double. All in all, 4 more runs which made the score look more appealing, but it still was a 22-7 loss.

The second game against the Berne Cardinals started off well. Romang was hit by a pitch and Thommen and Matter loaded the bases with back-to-back walks and RBI-machine Koley stepping into the batter’s box. He hit a grounder to the second baseman, who then threw wild to first allowing two runs to score and Koley ending up at second. The SG led 2-0 – the first lead of the season. But the lead was erased when the first out was recorded in the bottom half. 4 errors helped the Cardinals score 9 runs.

In the 2nd inning, Ronny Steck was hit by a pitch in the foot, leaving him limping towards first and then later also in the outfield. The Cardinals – not having any sympathy with the injured Steck – put on another 9 spot in their half of the second. In the next frame, the SG was only able to score one run after Romang got hit by another pitch, stole 2nd and 3rd and came around on a passed ball. The Cardinals were held scoreless by reliever Koley, which left the SG down by 15 with one inning to go. Instead of tying the game, the Truck Star/Challengers were only able to score three runs, leading to a final score of 18-6.

The analysis of both games was pretty simple for the two managers: hitting and baserunning are good. Pitching and defense need to be improved, especially with the next games being a 2 gameday weekend on July 13 and 14. On Saturday the SG play the Zurich Eighters West and Zurich Lions West in Hünenberg and on Sunday the same three teams will meet at the Heerenschürli ballpark.
Saturday June 15, 2013 - by Serge KuenzlerPhoto Album
Photo by Truck Star Dulliken
The U15-Cadets lost twice on Saturday, June 15 at Bern. Despite losing twice the SG TruckStar/Challengers improved its record to 3-5. Game 1 was all Cardinals/Frogs, as they posted a 23-10 victory over the Dulliken-Zurich squad. Game 2 looked the same, as the SG TruckStar/Challengers again had a good start against the Geneva Baseball Team, but the opponent broke the game open in the second frame. Because Geneva had no Swiss pitcher, the game officially ended with a 5-0 win for the SG TruckStar/Challengers.
Read the full recap on the Truck Star Dulliken website
Sunday June 23, 2013 - 11am & 2pm Facebook Event
The NLA-Team will face the Luzern Eagles on Sunday, June 23 at the Heerenschürli ballpark. The Eagles (1-11) are one of only two teams that have beaten the Challengers (8-3) in 2013, but their 4-2 win on May 4 was their only victory so far. The C's took the other game, as they posted a 14-2 win. Because the first five teams of the NLA are within 1.5 games, the C's will need two wins to remain in the top four of the league. The games start at 11am and 2pm.

Das NLA-Team heisst die Luzern Eagles am Sonntag, 23. Juni im Baseballstadion Heerenschürli willkommen. Die Eagles sind eines von lediglich zwei Teams, die in der bisherigen Saison gegen die Challengers gewinnen konnten. Jedoch war ihr 4-2 Erfolg am 4. Mai der bislang einzige Sieg der Innerschweizer in der laufenden Saison. Die andere Partie vor sechs Wochen war mit 14-2 eine klare Beute für die Zürcher. Weil die ersten fünf Teams in der Tabelle nahe beisammen liegen, benötigen die Challengers einen Doppelerfolg, um auf einem Playoffplatz zu bleiben. Spielbeginn ist um 11.00 und 14.00 Uhr.
Thursday June 20 2013 - 6.30pm Facebook Event
The Softball-Team will host their cross-town rivals Zurich Barracudas on Thursday, June 20 at 6.30 pm for the first night game of the season at the Klopstockwiese. It will be the first out of four local derbies within one week, as the two teams will also play a three-game series from June 23 till 25 at Rümlang.

Das Softball-Team empfängt den Stadtrivalen Zürich Barracudas am Donnerstag, 20. Juni um 18.30 Uhr zum ersten Night Game der Saison auf der Klopstockwiese. Es ist das erste von vier Derbys innert Wochenfrist. Vom 23. bis 25. Juni treffen sich die beiden Teams zu einer three-game Serie in Rümlang.
Sunday June 23, 2013 - 11am & 1.30pm
Tuesday June 25, 2013 - 6.30pm
The Softball-Team will open a three-game series in Rümlang with a double-header on Sunday, June 23 at 11am and 1.30pm. Game 3 of the S-Bahn series between the local rivals will be a night game on Tuesday, June 25 at 6.30pm at Rümlang Rümelbach. The Barracudas are off to their best start in ten years with their 6-2 record, while the Challengers are in fourth place with a 3-7 record. The C's have won 15 out of 23 games against the Barracudas since 2004, but lost all four games in 2012.

Das Softball-Team eröffnet am Sonntag um 11.00 und 13.30 Uhr eine three-game Serie in Rümlang gegen die Zürich Barracudas. Das dritte Spiel der S-Bahn Serie zwischen den Stadtrivalen wird am Dienstag, 25. Juni um 18.30 Uhr als Night Game in Rümlang Rümelbach ausgetragen. Die Barracudas erleben ihren besten Saisonstart in den letzten zehn Jahren mit sechs Siegen aus acht Spielen, während die Challengers den vierten Rang belegen. Seit 2004 haben die Challengers 15 von 23 Duellen gewonnen, verloren aber alle vier Partien im vergangenen Jahr.
Saturday June 22, 2013 - 10am & 12.30pm
The U15-Cadets go west. The SG TruckStar/Challengers will head to Geneva, where the Cadets will take on the Geneva Baseball Team and the Thun Hunters on Saturday, June 22. The games start at 10am and 12.30pm at Geneva Centre sportif de Vessy.

Die U15-Cadets ziehen westwärts. Die SG TruckStar/Challengers trifft bei ihrem Gastspiel in Genf auf das Team von Geneva Baseball sowie auf die Thun Hunters. Die Spiele finden um 10.00 und 12.30 Uhr im Centre sportif de Vessy statt.
Sunday June 23, 2013 - 11am & 1.30pm
The U12-Juveniles will travel to Bern, where they will face the SG Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters and the Hünenberg Unicorns on Sunday, June 23. After beating the Therwil Flyers twice the SG TruckStar/Challengers will try to add another win against the two teams they weren't able to beat so far. The games start at 11am and 1.30pm at Bern Allmend.

Die U12-Juveniles reisen nach Bern, wo sie am Sonntag, 23. Juni auf die SG Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters und die Hünenberg Unicorns treffen. Nachdem die SG TruckStar/Challengers zweimal die Therwil Flyers besiegen konnte, werden die Juveniles versuchen einem der beiden Teams ein Bein zu stellen, gegen welche sie bislang noch nicht erfolgreich waren. Spielbeginn ist um 11.00 und 13.30 Uhr auf der Berner Allmend.
Wednesday June 19, 2013 - by Thomas Blank
Vom Samstag, 22.06. bis Samstag, 29.06. gibt es im Taurus Sports in Kloten 30% Rabatt auf das gesamte Ladensortiment! Wenn also jemand noch Baseball-Material braucht wäre dies ein guter Zeitpunkt
June 16 at Mustangs
WON 4-1, LOST 2-5

June 12 vs Swiss Natl. Team
WON 16-2

June 16 at Cardinals
LOST 0-10 and 2-12

June 16 vs Eagles at Cardinals
LOST 7-22 and 6-18

June 16 vs Flyers
LOST 2-9 and 1-11

June 15 vs Cardinals / Frogs at Geneva
LOST 10-23, WON 7-0

No games played
June 23 vs Eagles

July 14 at Bandits

July 13 at Lions vs Eighters

June 20 vs Barracudas
June 25 at Barracudas

June 23 at Barracudas

June 22 vs Geneva at Hunters


June 23 at Cardinals / Frogs / Hunters vs Hünenberg
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