Nach einem homerun-losen 2013 konnte am Wochenende endlich wieder gefeiert werden - und dies gleich drei Mal im ersten Spiel der NLA gegen die Flyers. Nachdem Ryan Byrne einen 3-run HR schlug, setzte Jesus Martinez noch einen drauf und schlug gleich 2x den Ball über die Fence und sicherte so den 12-7 Sieg über die Flyers.
Weiteren Grund zum Jubeln gab es für die NLB, welche nach einem weiteren siegreichen Wochenende einen perfekten Record von 6-0 aufweisen. Und auch die Ladies und die Juveniles konnten je einen Sieg nach Hause bringen.
Sunday May 18, 2014 - by Chris Palatinus
The NLA-Team ended up splitting the doubleheader with the Therwil Flyers on Sunday, May 18 at Therwil. Two homers by Jesus Martinez and another one from Ryan Byrne helped the Challengers win Game 1 as the C's posted an 12-7 victory over the Flyers.
In Game 2, the crowd saw a pitchers' duel with the Flyers coming out at the better end of it, edging the C's 3-1. The Challengers remain in fifth place with a 3-4 record. Both teams will face each other again on Sunday, May 25 at the Heerenschürli ballpark.
Game 1 Recap - Game 2 Recap
Saturday May 17, 2014 - by Alex Gordon
The NLB-Team stays hot, as the Challengers are off to a perfect 6-0 start after sweeping the Hünenberg Unicorns on Saturday, May 17 at the Heerenschürli ballpark. The Unicorns opened the score in the top of the first inning, scoring two runs on three hits. But then the C's took over. They answered right away with four runs in the first and three more in the second frame and added three more in the fifth en route to a 10-4 win in Game 1.

I'M GONNA MISS THIS GUYS: Challengers thrash Unicorns again; Azuma flirts with No-No

Sometimes the toughest challenges a baseball team will face comes before the game itself. Such was the case this weekend as this writer at least faced his harshest foe well before the first pitch against the Unicorns: A gaseous emission from the bowels of Thomas Burger that was so foul, I lack the linguistic capacity to describe its full horror (Gregg Zingg can back me up).  After surviving such a criminal act, beating the Unicorns posed no challenge.

As per usual, the Challengers fell behind early, as the visitors put up 2 runs with the help of 2 defensive errors. The damage could've been worse, but Oli Christen got a key strike out with runners on second and third. Having somewhat embarrassed themselves in the field (not a lot, just a bit), the Challengers got to work at the dish: Kurt Kovac led off with a walk, then promptly stole second and third. Alex Gordon followed with a walk of his own, then - ticked off that coach Rob refused to give him the steal sign - took off for second, and kept right on going to third on an RBI single from Juan de la Rosa. A single by Carlos Nepomuceno scored Gordon, and de la Rosa came around on an RBI ground-out by Daiki Sato. An RBI single by Gregg Zingg - who is getting dangerously close to being required to pee in a cup after these games - brought Carlos around and closed out the first inning scoring.

After a 1-2-3 top of the second, highlighted by de la Rosa nailing yet another runner attempting to steal, the Challengers took up where they left off: With three Swiss pitchers available, Andreas Ruedsuehli pinch hit for Christen, and got things started with a solid single to right. When the Unicorn third baseman botched Kovac's grounder for an error, Ruedsuehli never stopped running until he reached third (it wasn't the best decision, but it worked out so we'll take it), with Kovac pulling in to second.. That brought Gordon to the plate with runners in scoring position - typically not a great situation for him this season. After three pitches, the count was 1-2, and Sedin was starting to regret his decision to bat A-DAD so high up in the line-up. After barely fouling off a pitch that was just about eye level, Rob yelled out "you gotta be good here" (or something like that). That may have been what he said out loud, but from the batters' box I could basically read his thoughts, and they were saying "dear lord, why have you cursed me with this bastard?!" Whether it was divine intervention, the extra batting practice on Thursday, or perhaps the lingering effects of Burger's life-altering flatulence, Gordon laced the next pitch down the left-field line for a 2-run double (and boy was he happy about it, let me tell you). Consecutive fly-outs brought Gordon around to score, making it 7-2 Challengers.

After that, the game got a little dull, to be honest. Nick Lehmann came on in relief and pitched two scoreless innings, and the Challenger bats went silent until the 5th, when they pushed another 3 runs across to extend the lead to 10-2. Things got a little dicey in the 6th, as Burger, who had come on in relief of Lehmann in the 5th, momentarily forgot that he was facing the freaking Unicorns and not, you know, the Red Sox, tried throwing every pitch 100 mph and started walking people. Sato bailed out his pitcher in the 6th, starting a 5-3 double play with the bases loaded to end the inning with only one run allowed. Burger was also a bit wild in the top of the 7th, allowing a run to sore on a wild pitch, but managed to close the door on a 10-4 Challenger victory. 

One amusing story on that 7th inning: With a 7 run lead, one might assume that little attention would be paid to base-runners as opposed to, you know, the hitters. One might think so, but one would be wrong. With one run in and a runner on first, de la Rosa sprang from his crouch in anticipation of a pitch-out. Unfortunately, he had failed to adequately communicate his intentions to Burger, who sent a pitch sailing over the plate, and all the way to the backstop. After the game, I asked Juan why in god's name he called for a pitch-out with a 6 run lead. To quote the man himself, "The runner...he is my colleague and I want to kill him heh heh heh heh". Well then.

In the second game, Challenger pitching stifled the Unicorns right from the outset. Despite walking three batters in the first inning (and four overall), Yusuke Azuma dominated the Huenenberg hitters, allowing just one hit (more on that later) and no runs in 6 sterling innings. The Unicorns, on the other hand, combined wild pitching with gag-inducing defense, which proved to be an unworkable combination. In the first inning, the Challengers put up 2 runs without the benefit of a hit (4 walks and 3 wild pitches). Only a poor base-running decision by Juan de la Rosa (hesitating before trying to score on a wild pitch resulted in an easy out) and Gordon getting badly fooled on a curve low and away kept the damage from being greater.
The next innings brought more of the same: dominance from Azuma combined with poor play by the Unicorns. Leading off the bottom of the second, Adderly Sarmiento and Nick Lehmann were both plunked by pitches, putting two runners on. One out later, Kovac reached on an error by the third-baseman, which scored Sarmiento and sent Lehmann to third. After Kovac stole second, Azuma drove in Lehmann with an RBI ground out. Kovac, who had taken third on Azuma's grounder, scored after the Unicorn pitcher first mishandled a weak grounder by de la Rosa and then (rather embarrassingly) whiffed on the tag attempt (That would be understandable if the runner was someone like, say, Ryan Koley who probably weighs maybe 12-17 kg -all figures approximate- but Juan is a big dude. How you miss HIM running down the line, that I don't know). 
In the bottom of the third, Thomas Burger reached on yet another error by the Huenenberg third-baseman, stole second, took third on a passed ball, and then scored on Gordon's RBI single to left. Having made a solemn vow not to live in a world where he had less stolen bases than Gregg Zingg (and for the record, the scorer in the FIRST set of games against the Unicorns screwed me out of a SB), A-DAD took off for second, and ended up at third when the catcher's throw sailed into center-field. An RBI ground-out by Sarmiento brought Gordon home, making it 7-0 Challengers. The Challengers closed out the scoring in the bottom of the 4th on an RBI ground-out by Gordon, scored Nepomuceno from third.
At that point, the only real drama left in the game was whether Azuma would allow a hit. From my vantage point in left-field, it sure seemed as if there had been a single in the top of the 4th, but the play was scored as an error on Sarmiento. Therefore, Azuma entered the 6th inning with a no-hitter intact. With one out, the Huenenberg batter smacked a sharp grounder down the left-field line that was out of the reach of third-baseman Adrian Amoros. In fairness to Adrian, the reason why he couldn't field the ball was because it was a good 2-3 feet foul. Did that stop the home plate umpire from calling it fair? Of course not! As a side note, this otherwise egregious call seemed to be a bit of poetic justice, as the Challengers had benefited from another atrocious fair/foul call in the first game on a ball hit by Sarmiento that was even FURTHER into foul territory than the one in the second game (As an additional side note, the "umpire supervisor", while admitting that the first call had been blown, insisted to me afterwards that the second call had been correct. Sure it was, Mr. Supervisor...if by correct you mean that it was COMPLETELY WRONG...but I digress). I won't even bother discussing the play where Koley was called out after getting hit in the hand by a pitch, which involved the umpire insisting that the ball had landed in fair territory in the left-handed batter's box when the ball actually landed in foul territory in the right-handed box...I mean honestly, with that level of ridiculousness you just kind've have to laugh and move on. So the no-hitter was gone, but Azuma still had his shutout. Kovac took over in the 7th and pitched a scoreless frame to close out the victory.
Six games, six wins for the Challengers...but how much of that record is due to having played the Unicorns four times? We shall soon find out...
Sunday May 18, 2014 - by Serge Kuenzler
The Softball Team Zürich celebrated its first victory of the 2014 campaign, as they posted a wild 24-17 win in Game 1 on Sunday, May 18 against the Bern Cardinals. In Game 2 the Team Zürich found no receipt against Cardinals pitcher Monica Alnes, as the Cards answered with a 9-0 shutout win.
Saturday May 17, 2014 - by Serge KuenzlerPhoto Album
Photo by Truck Star Dulliken
The U15-Cadets lost twice to the Lions/Rainbows/Vikings on Saturday, May 17. The SG TruckStar/Challengers fought hard but it was not enough, as they lost 5-8 in Game 1. And the SG came out on the losing end in Game 2 again, falling 15-6 as the Lions/Rainbows/Vikings completed the sweep. The SG TruckStar/Challengers is in third place with a 2-2 record.

Die U15-Cadets unterlagen am Samstag, 17. Mai zweimal der Spielgemeinschaft der Lions/Rainbows/Vikings. Diese setzten sich trotz harter Gegenwehr der SG TruckStar/Challengers im ersten Spiel mit 8-5 durch und liessen darauf einen 15-6 Sieg folgen. Die SG TruckStar/Challengers liegt in der Tabelle nun auf Rang drei mit zwei Siegen aus vier Partien.
Sunday May 18, 2014 - by Serge KuenzlerPhoto Album
Photo by Truck Star Dulliken
The U12-Juveniles are at .500 after their first gameday. The SG TruckStar/Challengers started with a win on Sunday, May 18, as the SG posted a 17-5 victory over the SG Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters. In Game 2 the SG couldn't resolve the strong Hünenberg Unicorns, as they lost 9-20.

Die U12-Juveniles starten mit einem ausgeglichenen Rekord. Die SG TruckStar/Challengers feierte am Sonntag, 18. Mai einen 17-5 Startsieg gegen die Spielgemeinschaft der Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters. Im zweiten Spiel des Tages gelang es der SG nicht, die starken Hünenberg Unicorns zu knacken. Die Unicorns siegten letztlich 20-9.
Sunday May 25, 2014 - 11am & 2pmFacebook Event
The NLA-Team will host the Therwil Flyers for a doubleheader on Sunday, May 25 at the Heerenschürli ballpark. The two archrivals faced each other already last Sunday, as they split the doubleheader. The games begin at 11 am and 2 pm.  

Das NLA-Team der Challengers empfängt die Therwil Flyers am Sonntag, 25. Mai zu zwei Heimspielen im Baseballstadion Heerenschürli. Die beiden Erzrivalen standen sich bereits am vergangenen Wochenende gegenüber, als es für beide Teams je einen Sieg gab. Spielbeginn ist um 11.00 und 14.00 Uhr.
Saturday May 24, 2014 - 11am & 2pm
The NLB-Team will travel to Thun, where it will face the Thun Hunters on Saturday, May 24. The Challengers will try to extend their winning streak after starting perfect into the 2014 campaign. The last meeting between the two teams was on August 27, 2011 as the C's (6-0) swept the Hunters (1-4). The games start at 11 am and 2 pm at the renewed Thun Allmend.  

Das NLB-Team reist am Samstag, 24. Mai nach Thun, wo es auf die Thun Hunters treffen wird. Die Challengers werden nach ihrem bislang perfekten Saisonstart einen weiteren Erfolg im Berner Oberland anstreben. Letztmals begegneten sich die beiden Teams am 27. August 2011, als die Challengers beide Partien gewannen. Die Spiele beginnen um 11.00 und 14.00 Uhr auf der erneuerten Thuner Allmend.
Saturday May 25, 2014 - 10am & 12.30pm
The U18-Juniors will give it another try. After the opening day has been rained out the SG TruckStar/Challengers will face the Cardinals/Hunters/Golgoths on Sunday, May 25 to open their season. The games start at 10 am and 12.30 pm at Thun Allmend.

Die U18-Juniors unternehmen einen neuen Versuch. Nachdem der erste Spieltag dem Regen zum Opfer fiel, trifft die SG TruckStar/Challengers am Sonntag, 25. Mai auf die Cardinals/Hunters/Golgoths. Die Spiele finden um 10.00 und 12.30 Uhr auf der Thuner Allmend statt.

Sunday May 25, 2014 - 12.30pm & 3pm
The U12-Juveniles will meet the Therwil Flyers and the Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters on Sunday, May 25 on their second consecutive game day of the season. The games will take place at Sissach Tannbrunn starting at 12.30 pm and 3 pm.

Die U12-Juveniles treffen am Sonntag, 25. Mai auf die Therwil Flyers und die Spielgemeinschaft der Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters. Der zweite Spieltag in Folge findet in Sissach Tannbrunn statt. Spielbeginn ist um 12.30 und 15.00 Uhr.
Wednesday May 21, 2014 - by Yolanda Gottardi
Der ZKS als Interessenvertreter seiner Sportverbände und –vereine freut sich mit über das klare Abstimmungsresultat. Es ist ein Bekenntnis des Zürcher Stimmvolks für den Vereinssport. So ist es ihm weiterhin auf der Basis des bestehenden Gesetzes möglich, auf logistische kostengünstige Unterstützungen für seine jährlich rund 35‘000 Veranstaltungen zu zählen. Damit werden unzählige Funktionäre davon entlastet, nebst ihrem grossen ehrenamtlichen Vereins-Engagement noch weitere schwierige Zusatzaufgaben zu übernehmen. Und die Vereine können auf Beitragserhöhungen verzichten.

Im Namen des Vereinssports und der Sportverbände bedankt sich der ZKS bei all unseren Sportlerinnen und Sportlern unserer Sportvereine, den Mitgliedern weiterer Sportorganisationen sowie den vielen Sympathisanten des Vereinssports für das solidarische Handeln, welches zur Ablehnung der Volksinitiative geführt hat.

Die damit verbundene Verpflichtung führt der Vereinssport mit Überzeugung weiter, nämlich die im Sportverein geleistete wertvolle Arbeit im Bereich Prävention und Integration wie zum Beispiel mit „cool and clean“ von Swiss Olympic.

Der ZKS freut sich, seine Sportverbände und –vereine weiterhin mit vielseitigen Dienstleistungen, Angeboten und Beratungen zu unterstützen. Gerne verweisen wir dazu auf diese Webseite und wünschen allen viel Erfolg und vor allem Freude am Sport und im Verein.

Sportliche Grüsse

Yolanda Gottardi
Geschäftsführerin ZKS
May 18 at Flyers
WON 12-7, LOST 1-3

May 17 vs Unicorns
WON 10-4 and 8-0

No games played

May 18 at Cardinals
WON 24-17, LOST 0-9

May 17 at Lions/Rainbows/
Vikings LOST 5-8 and 6-15

May 18 vs Cardinals/Frogs/
Hunters at Unicorns
WON 17-5, LOST 9-20
May 25 vs Flyers

May 24 at Hunters

May 31 vs Eighters West
at Eagles

May 31 vs Flyers

May 25 vs Cardinals/Hunters/

June 1 vs Devils


May 25 vs Flyers
at Cardinals/Frogs/Hunters
Junioren-Förderung durch die Zürcher Kantonalbank
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