Some news for prayer in brief; Two events to note; Thoughts on reaching our Spanish and Italian friends...
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Well, the picture above is a bit silly, (Morvern and I were having fun setting up house), but hopefully it gives you a feel for how grateful I am to have a new housemate who is really fun and easy to live with, and inspires and encourages me in many ways. We’re enjoying having the flat used well:   
Tuesday morning - Morvern and I both supervise and work together with our volunteers.  
Sunday lunch - with a mixture of people from church and friends from international cafes.
Praise God:
for the chance to have a week of holiday in Norfolk with family. It was refreshing (and lovely to be by the sea every day!)
for some new girls who have joined our international fellowship
for the chance to meet with some church student workers about the summer outreach
for Xue Jing*, a Taiwanese friend, who is quite comfortable to talk about spiritual matters, though not yet a seeker.
that I can get alongside the girls from international fellowship who have stopped coming
that I will make good progress in CIO jobs from my October - December list.
for ‘international Christmas choir’ – to be a place for people to consider the good news – and for enough confident singers to carry the music along!
that I'll have enough financial support this year to pay my bills!
Events coming up:
23rd November: A brilliant training day. If you’ve not heard about it yet please have a look and if you’re nearby, consider coming along. 
1st December: International Christmas Service. A chance to invite our friends to a traditional style carol service where the message will be in simple English and give people a chance to understand and respond to the wonderful good news

Link to Training Day on 23rd Nov - click here to find out more
One feature of this new term has been the significant number of Italians and Spanish speakers coming along to our events. It has been great to build friendships with them.  Many are coming  because the economy has driven them here – not because they really want to live away from their home countries and families.

A number of our Spanish guests have been keen to join our weekly Bible study at the Barn café. Alfredo* already has a good understanding of the gospel message, but had never had a chance to read the Bible with others in Spain. He was really glad to find that chance here! J Thank God for the opportunity he and others have here to be encouraged to read God’s word for themselves.

Click here to watch a short video to get a feel for the situation in Spain.
Fewer Italians have shown any desire to discuss spiritual matters. It has been interesting to discuss about this with Hiromi, who I supervise. She is Japanese, and when she first heard about Jesus it was so new to her, the idea of talking about spiritual things was not strange at all. It was and is still wonderfully and exciting thing for her. She finds it really hard to understand how reluctant our Italian friends seem to be to upfront discussions e.g. about Jesus/faith. Yet their spiritual needs are still there, even though they’re expressed invisibly, or in ways we can’t recognise. Pray for us all as we work out how to share the hope we have relevantly.  
… so if we are getting the gospel right, it will be misunderstood, ignored, or shunned by people - unless God is working in them. So please pray that God will be working in and saving those we are meeting. Pray that we won’t be afraid to share the gospel. It’s tempting (particularly with European students) to take a ‘softly-softly’ approach in our friendships and time spent with them; an approach that actually never gets to the gospel.  They may like Christians but never hear the gospel, and what good is that?!  True, if we are blunt with the gospel, a Europeans’ preconceptions may mean that they hear something far from the gospel, and choose to reject it. So we need to work really hard to find ways to live and speak the gospel so that our friends will remove barriers and negative presuppositions and enable our friends to actually listen and hear.  But we also need to examine our hearts and make sure our carefulness isn’t because we’re actually afraid that we ourselves, rather than the gospel, will be rejected. 
I hope the thoughts and photos give you ideas of how you can be praying for me. I'm so grateful for your prayers!  

One other issue to pray about this year will be my finances. Since my accommodation arrangements have changed, I now need to raise more money in order to keep covering my expenses and bills. If you could help out with that, do let me know, or get in touch with Friends International directly.

How can I be praying for you?

With love and gratitude for your support in many different ways,

Jenny :)
Link to the different activities we run in Cambridge
Jenny's address: 46 Bailey House, Rustat Avenue, Cambridge, CB1 3PG.  07817 117883.

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