New Year. New Great Line-up.

Welcome 2020 and a scintillating line-up! This season we're bringing you a family of cons who masterfully spin a multi-award winning tale, an all female crew who kicks gender bias to the curb, a time travelling interactive experience, and a coming of age journey that straddles natural and spiritual worlds. It's a wonderful array of stories to explore - see you at the movies!

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Wednesday, February 19  -  7:30PM
  • Comedy, Thriller
  • South Korea, Korean with English Subtitles
  • 2019, 131 minutes, 14A

Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) is a good-for-nothing, unemployed family man, patriarch of a family of grifters — his wife Chung-sook (Chang Hyae-jin), his clever twenty-something daughter Ki-jung (Park So-dam), and his son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) — who live in an overcrowded, sordid basement. The Parks, on the other hand, live in a fabulous house with their teenage daughter Da-hye and terribly spoiled son Da-song, who has suffered a childhood trauma that occasionally causes him seizures and strange behaviour. When, due to an unexpected stroke of luck, Ki-woo is hired by the Parks to be the private English tutor of Da-hye, the destinies of the two families cross. Their explosive meeting exposes the merciless evils of class inequalities, culminating in a powerful and utterly original outcome.

*** Winner of best motion picture cast at the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards ***



Wednesday, March 11  -  7:30PM

  • Documentary
  • United Kingdom, English
  • 2018, 93 minutes, G

Exhilarating, suspenseful, and emotionally charged, this documentary from director Alex Holmes chronicles Tracy Edwards's 1989-90 precedent-setting sea voyage around the world with an all-female crew.

The Whitbread Round the World Race (rechristened the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001) was considered an exclusively masculine endeavour when Edwards came along and, in the face of much sexist condescension, proved that skill, perseverance, and courage at sea know no gender.

Maiden traces Edwards's formative experiences: the idyllic childhood that came to a devastating halt with her father's death and the adolescent rebelliousness that resulted in her expulsion from school. At 16, she ran away to Greece, where she had her first taste of the seafaring life, rapidly graduating from cook to deckhand to first mate. She was still in her mid-twenties when she became determined to participate in the Whitbread with a crew of talented women from around the world. With its fundraising challenges and heated rivalries, the journey to prepare the Maiden was already complicated. But it was just the beginning of an epic adventure.

Holmes crafts a captivating braid of archival materials and new interviews in which Edwards and her crew members — all of them rousing storytellers — collectively narrate their experience. It is a classic tale of people contending with the elements, though in this case some of those elements are other people. In a televised interview filmed before the Maiden set out, Edwards explains that she doesn't consider herself a feminist. She simply wants to be able to pursue her passion… and prove the all-male sailing establishment wrong.



La Belle Époque

Wednesday, April 1  -  7:30PM

  • Comedy, Romance
  • France, French with English Subtitles
  • 2019, 115 minutes, PG

This high-concept comedy from Nicolas Bedos (Mr. & Mrs. Adelman) shrewdly taps into our current technological anxieties and our most basic desire to revisit our glory days. Starring Daniel Auteuil, Fanny Ardant, and Guillaume Canet, La Belle Époque blurs historical eras while tracking a charismatic curmudgeon's existential reckoning.

Victor is a sexagenarian cartoonist whose long-time publisher has eliminated their print edition and, with it, his gig. No fan of AI or VR, Victor likes turning pages, touching flesh, and seeing what's actually before him. Alas, what's before him is a resentful wife, Marianne, who can no longer stand him. "I think you've been alive too long," Marianne confesses during one of her rages.

Longing to escape the present, Victor opts to return to the past — or a simulacrum of it. Enter Time Travellers, a service that immerses clients in a painstaking reenactment of whatever historical moment its actors, designers, and builders can conjure. Victor hires Time Travellers to return him to May 16, 1974, the day he first met Marianne in a Lyon café. He finds himself beguiled by every detail, from the vintage editions of Libération to the punchy plastic egg holders to Margo, the actress he accepts as the Marianne he fell for 45 years ago. It feels like a beautiful dream. But what happens when it's time to wake up?


The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw

Wednesday, April 22  -  7:30PM

  • Comedy
  • Canada, English
  • 2019, 96 minutes, PG

On Mitzi Bearclaw's 25th birthday, she's asked to come back home to her reserve from her life designing hats in downtown Toronto to see her sick mother. As Mitzi reconnects with the land, her family and the infinitely quirky residents of Owl Island, she grows from resentful and restless to reconnecting and embracing the charm of her home through encounters with three spirits. When your spiritual guides are space travelers and their enemies are apocalyptic soothsayers, it's easy to keep your feet on the ground.

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