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It's "TFA Tuesday": True Freedom Achievers' Weekly Newsletter -- Where you get Top-Notch Information & the Best Deals! 

Home Maintenance - 5 Ways to Save Big on Home Repairs:

By: Alicia Villarreal  

I don't know about you, but too many times I have called a handyman out to my house just to find out is was something really dumb that I could have handled myself. I have thrown away so much money that I could have saved for a nice vacation!! Since then I have wised up a bit and learned a few DIY Home Fixes. Below you will find 5 of the most common items from Household to Vehicle:

1) Removing the Headlight Haze: It can be hard to see at night when your headlights are foggy. Why spend in the upwards of hundred of dollars to have someone clean the film off when you can do it yourself in under 5 minutes!!! With 2 simple ingredients (Baking Soda & Water)!!

  • Make a Paste with the Baking Soda & Water
  • Apply to the headlights
  • Buff with a damp cloth
  • Rinse the remaining baking soda off with water, and Viola!!! Shiny again!!
2) Dust your Refrigerator Coils: Did you get some creamer for your coffee this morning and realize your creamer is not as cold as it should be or your butter is melting? It is probably because your coils are really dusty. You can find the coils under your fridge or behind it. 
  • Turn your fridge off
  • Remove front or back grill
  • Brush and vacuum the coils (repeat if necessary) 
3) Unclog your Washer Drain Filter: Did you even know your washer has a drain filter?? I did not know that until I paid heavily for someone to tell me! If your front load washer does not drain properly and smells a little it probably is clogged. You should clean it out 1-2 times a year. Just a fair warning, it smells like something awful!!
  • Unplug washer and remove screws holding the front panel
  • Place towels on floor under the drain to catch the liquid that comes out
  • Unscrew drain and clean filter (hmm there is that sock you are missing!!) Yes the washer is the one that eats the socks!!
  • After you clean it out, put it back together and run a clean cycle on machine
4) Clean out Your Dryer Vent: Are your clothes taking longer to dry than usual but your dryer is hot to the touch? It is probably because you do not clean the dryer vent and lint trap regularly. (Remember dryer lint makes great kindling) Make sure to clean your dust bunnies at least once a year and lint filter every other load.
  • Unplug your dryer and/ turn off gas - Remove Lint Screen
  • Unscrew lint cage and vacuum
  • Pull Dryer out and detach hose, vacuum the hose and connecting ducts
  • Reattach everything and your clothes should dry faster
5) Clean Your Bagless Vacuum: This is one that my husband does faithfully, and I have to tell you it makes the biggest difference on how our floors look! When your vacuum no longer is sucking up the stuff on the floor, the canister is no longer clear and there is enough hair in the brush to create a small is time to clean it! You should clean out your vacuum every other month.
  • Remove and empty canister
  • Take the canister apart and rinse out
  • Remove all filters and rinse or dust as needed (check your manual to see if your filter is washable)
  • Check hoses for any blockage. (We use a blower to blow the blockage out)
  • Unscrew the brush and detangle. (I use scissors to cut the hair out) Just be carefil not to cut the brissles.
  • Wait at least 24 hours for parts to dry before putting back together
Doing these simple Home Maintenance items can probably save you a few hundred dollars, plus you will feel accomplished that you didn't have to pay someone to do it for you. Before you replace any items always look up ways to DIY. You will be surprised on the information that is out there to walk you through the process. 

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Featured Property #1: Upgraded Home in Historic District Close to Central Ave and Downtown Phoenix!  Click for info on N. Encanto Historic District

1614 W Thomas Rd., Phoenix 85015
Price: $147.5k     ARV: $200k


Cross streets: 15th Ave. & Thomas Rd.              
  • 3/2/2cg
  • 1,625 s.f.
  • Lot = 7,710 s.f. 
  • Built 1941
  • APN: 110-32-126
  • Taxes: $1,039.32/yr. (2013) 
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Granite Fireplace
  • Large Bedrooms
  • Premium Slate Tile Throughout
  • N Encanto Historic District
  • Across from Encanto Golf Course
  • Huge 2 Car Garage
  • Custom Fireplace
  • Fresh Paint
  • Newer Roof and AC
  • Retail Condition
  • Stainless Appliances
  • Just Buy and List (or move in)!!
Deal Structure - OFF-MLS, Traditional Sale; $3k Non-Refundable Earnest Money to secure
Access - Vacant - Call or email for access

Featured Property #2: N. Phoenix Home with Equity on an Over-Sized Lot with a Pool, Close to PV Mall!

3201 E Mescal St., Phoenix 85028
Price: $189k     ARV: $275-300k


Cross streets: Shea & 32nd St.        
  • 3/2/2cp
  • 1,644 s.f.
  • Lot = 10,188 s.f. 
  • Built 1974
  • APN: 166-36-052
  • Taxes:  $1,286.66/yr. (2013) 
  • Beehive Fireplace
  • Nice Cabinets
  • Pool
  • Over-Sized Lot
  • Desert Landscaping
  • Great Freeway Access
  • 5 Min from PV Mall
  • Walking Distance to High School
Deal Structure - OFF-MLS, Traditional Sale; $3k Non-Refundable Earnest Money to secure
Access - Occupied - Do Not Disturb Residents - Call or email for access

Property #3: Big Arcadia Home for Fix/Flip in Great Location!!

3621 N Kachina Ln., Scottsdale 85251
Price: $365k     ARV: ~$550k


Cross streets: 64th St & Indian School 
  • 4/3 + Office
  • ~2,807 s.f.
  • Lot = 12,511 s.f. 
  • Built 1951
  • APN: 130-06-101
  • Taxes:  $1,836.24/yr. (2013) 
  • Big house in Great Arcadia/Scottsdale area
  • Scottsdale Address
  • Huge Lot with Mature Landscaping
  • 2 A/C units; A/C blows cold
  • Living Room, Family Room, Office, Kitchen, plus 4 BRs & 3 Baths
  • Mature Pecan & Pear Trees
  • Irrigated Lot with Green Grass!
  • RV Gate
  • Large Cement Pad in back, by alley
  • Great Location, Walk to Valley Ho; close to Old Town
Repairs: Needs typical remodel for an older home that hasn't been recently updated; ~50k to reach ARV.

Deal Structure - OFF-MLS, Traditional Sale; $3k Non-Refundable Earnest Money to secure
Access - Occupied - Do Not Disturb Residents - Call or email for access

Property #4: Over-Sized Cul-De-Sac Lot in a Great Moon Valley Location!

712 E Aire Libre, Phoenix 85022
Price: $240k


Cross streets: 7th St & Greenway Pkwy.
  • 3/2/2cg + ~850s.f. addition
  • 2,377 s.f.
  • Lot = 14,709 s.f. 
  • Built 1983
  • APN: 214-16-157
  • Taxes:  $1,678.84/yr. (2013) 
  • ~850s.f addition for the new master suite that is framed 
    in & just needs to be finished
  • Huge Lot
  • Backs a Green Belt
  • Great Moon Valley Location
Deal Structure: OFF-MLS, Traditional Sale; $3k Non-Refundable Earnest Money to secure
Access - Vacant - Call or email for access

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-Mike Lima

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