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Chris MacArthur  :  Keith Biggins & The Return to Spirit River


Keith Biggins & The Return to Spirit River

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"I neither could have predicted nor even dreamt about the realization of the hybrid
lifestyle of roughneck and fashion photographer that I now live. But in the fall of
2013, following several years toiling in New York and London’s worlds of luxury
fashion, glossy magazines and pop culture, I was at a creative crossroads and in
search of a new adventure.
It was on a camping trip in Southern England that I looked out across the landscape
and began to reminisce about my former life working in Northern Canada:  the beauty
of the rugged, windswept prairie, the tough as nails blue collar culture, the
personalities, and the spirit and idiosyncratic nature of the small towns that dot this
forgotten expanse of northern wilderness. I realized right then that I was called to go
back and relive my past life in the oilpatch through a photographic lens.
In that serendipitous moment, I promptly returned home to clean out my London
studio. Leaving the doors open, I piled most of my earthly belongings into a corner
with a "FREE SHIT" sign placed atop as I left that life behind. I took a one-way flight
home and hopped aboard a Greyhound bus destined for Spirit River, Alberta, with no
plans other than to explore, tell stories and document contemporary life in the land of
pumpjacks and double-doubles."            -  Chris MacArthur

Born in Vancouver in 1984, Chris attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 
He developed his photography career with professional stints in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan;
in New York assisting Danielle Levitt and Peter Yang; and in London as a producer with
M.A.P creative agency and fashion retailer Net-A-Porter. 
Chris’ work has appeared in The Globe and Mail and on, 
and earlier this year he was interviewed on CBC Radio 1.
" Photographer moonlights as oil rig worker to document life in northern communities " 
His current photographic work on the Keith Biggins project takes him to small communities in
Northern Canada to document people and place. 


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