October 2014   |   New Solo Show
Gallery of Contemporary Photography 

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" This collection of work, examining the mutability of our homes and societal structures, is influenced by the frequent moves my family made during my childhood.  This left me with questions of powerlessness felt during childhood, and accompanying uncertainty and instability about the essence of ‘home’. This series recaptures that sense of the fragile nature of our homes and the impermanence that change brings. These images of an abandoned diamond mine in SW Namibia reveal how, with each day, the surrounding desert sand encroaches further into the homes and civic buildings - its purpose to subsume and eventually eradicate the evidence of our toil and disruption in this most natural of places - while demonstrating the power of nature to impact our lives despite our efforts to control and contain it. One will notice, when moving past each piece, perspective and distance change and distort, allowing the viewer to interpret a personal narrative – one that changes again and again as light and distance influence personal thoughts and visual perception."  -  Colin Gatward 2014
Colin Gatward 
Shape, pattern, and light capture my attention and form the intention for much of my work.
This series of images from Kolmanskop explores the desertion of this once thriving and prosperous mining community on the arid coast of Southwestern Namibia. Two of the Namibian images were selected as ‘Best in Show” and ‘Best Photograph’ at the juried Sidney Fine Art Show 2012. I live in Vancouver and have exhibited extensively in the Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.
 I choose never to alter or enhance my photographs. It is an important consideration in allowing my audience to grasp the notions of impermanence, transience  and change as captured through my lens.

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