September 2014   |   New Show 

truth and beauty gallery is pleased to present

A new photographic series by Jochi

13 September - 4 October 2014

 Informal Opening

  Saturday 13 September   ::   1 - 4 pm

Artist Talk
Saturday 27 September   ::   2 pm


" My interest in Native art began years ago when I discovered an old, weathered carving in the middle of the forest in Stanley Park. I do not know the exact origin of this apparently Native carving, but for years I returned, fascinated, to that spot whenever I walked my dog. I would photograph elements of the carving and then return home to re-consider them through the process of photo-editing.
Subsequently, I became increasingly interested in seeing more First Nation’s art, and soon began photographing inside the Museum of Anthropology at UBC and also the totem pole collection in Stanley Park. Being a person who targets the details of a subject rather than encompassing the whole, I began isolating the powerful symbols in these totem poles in order to concentrate on their formal artistic elements- and in doing so, view them as solitary emblems, detached from communal myth."       - Jochi 

  ‘Whispering Spirits’ explores Native Art motifs and is
the most recent series in Jochi's body of work, which
includes his abstract  'Reflections' series, and 'Time Past'. 
Born in 1944 in Marburg, Austria, Jochi has lived in many 
countries across Europe and Africa before settling in Canada.
His work has been exhibited throughout Europe and
North America, and is held in private collections around the world.

Jochi is a member of The Collective.
His work, 'Reflections' can be seen at the gallery, or in the online catalog.

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