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" If I create from the heart, nearly everything works;
if from the head, almost nothing."
                                                            - Marc Chagall


June 2015

ON DISPLAY AT THE GALLERY :  A Discovery of  Early 20th C. Vintage Photographs
  A guy walked into the gallery one day carrying a worn cardboard box he found in the closet of a heritage apartment building he's renovating.  It's full of dozens of vintage photos that he's taking to the dump unless, he shrugs, I want them?      
"Sure", I say, "what've you got? "  Plopping the box onto my desk in a cloud of dust, he tells me to keep what I want and toss the rest. Taking a cursory glance, my heart leaps.  'Yes, thanks, I'll hang onto them".  
       As it happened, the box of prints lay hidden in the dark for eighty-odd years inside a closet at the Wenonah Apartments, a Class B heritage building on Main Street & 11th Avenue in Vancouver's storied Mount Pleasant neighbourhood . The building is named for Wenonah, the daughter of Tecumseh, a Shawnee Chief who allied his tribe with the British and Canadians in the War of 1812. Built in 1912, it was designed by the prolific architect William P. White, also responsible for the famed Sylvia Court Apartments, now the Sylvia Hotel.  
   Comprised mainly of persons and places in Vancouver, the collection contains many original pre-war portraits from local studios;  namely Leonard Frank, Geo. T Wadds, Bridgman's Studio, Rosetti, Steffens Colmer, Bullen Photo and Kerrisdale Studio. 
Languishing dry and in the dark helped the prints survive the decades, now elevated from respectable photographs to historical artifact. 


Guard of Honour to HRH The Prince of Wales on the steps of the Courthouse 
Seaforth Highlanders of Canada - August 18, 1927 

'Among Big Trees' - Seven Sisters, Stanley Park

CPR Social and Athletic Club Annual Picnic, Seaside Park. July 17, 1926

Installation View

ON VIEW  :      JUNE 6 - 18   //   Wednesday - Saturday   //   12 - 5


“A poetic elegy” is how Patricia Leigh Brown of the New York Times described Rob’s first book, Neon Mesa. A study of the vernacular landscape of the American Southwest, the book includes a foreword written by renowned filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, director of Koyaanisqatsi. Photography from Neon Mesa has appeared in the New York Review of Books and Nikon World Magazine, and received praiseful reviews in both Booklist and Bookpage.
Rob’s photography has been widely exhibited, including a celebration in New York of the 150th anniversary of the invention of photography sponsored by the American Society of Media Photographers, of which Rob is a long-standing member.


"Neon Mesa: Wonders of the Southwest is a stunning photographic record of the vernacular landscape of the American Southwest - the roadside landscape littered with the signs, relics, sights and debris of countless anonymous road trips. The dazzling light of the Southwest, the enormous skies and stark desert imagery form the back drop to Rob Atkins stunning exploration of a quintessential American landscape.  He captures visual gems with his camera from the ghostly quarries of old motels and roadside wrecks, of decaying signs and faded walls, and writes about the minutiae of lost Americana with affection and great style."
Foreword by Godfrey Reggio  |  Bunker Hill Publishing 2009  |  Signed $50.  Unsigned $30.  |   Gallery Exclusive

BEYOND THE GALLERY :  ParisPhoto LA 2015 -  Spring Field Trip

Spring Field Trip: Highlights from ParisPhoto LA by Peppa Martin
for the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), London UK

May 2, 2015

        The venerable ParisPhoto international art fair held annually in November, migrated west to Los Angeles three years ago, adding
this new spring event to the art world calendar and attracting a new crop of exhibiting galleries with greater proximity to the west coast.

Long a cultural hub for contemporary art, Los Angeles is a good fit for gathering the global photography community, affording better geographic access to the fair's North American outpost for enthusiastic collectors from South America and the Pacific rim.

Landing (partially) in the cavernous sound stages of Paramount Studios in Hollywood, this version of ParisPhoto bears little aesthetic resemblance to its glorious sister fair in the elegant Beaux-Arts Grand Palais on Avenue Winston Churchill. Any modernist west coast references are haplessly lost along the faux cobblestone backlot 'streets' of an ersatz New York -- a tired and dusty old film set wherein a young Brando would have stumbled out a doorway.

Venue aside, much of the work was good. 
      Many of the well established artists comfortably ensconced at the Paris show were noticeably absent, however in their place were pieces from less self-conscious talent, newer to the scene. 
Among the notable was the Unglee solo show at Christophe Gaillard with composite panels of Polaroid prints of tulips, contrasted with enlarged newspaper obituaries describing various invented lives and deaths of the artist himself. 
Winnipegger Diana Thorneycroft's diorama's involving dolls against backdrops appropriated from iconic paintings, at once darkly humourous and foreboding, were a feat of both construction and photographic execution. 
Lui Bolin, from Beijing, at NYCs Klein Sun Gallery attracted a conversational crowd to his protest images, as did the intensely sublime collodion prints of constructed narratives by Alex Timmermans at Voila Gallery.

No fair is complete without its selection of booksellers, and here were nine -- including biggies Aperture, DAP and Mack with their respective stellar lineup of authors signing monographs. 
Alec Soth, Julie Blackmon, Danny Singer, and art darling Mona Kuhn were among Saturday's roster of artists greeting while autographing.

Younger, smaller and more restless than its continental counterpart, this year's iteration of ParisPhoto LA was memorable for its youthful bravado and impartial variety.

Make-believe Gotham notwithstanding, the California vibe was as much on display as the art and bleached blondes.

Watch short clips live-streamed from the fair.


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