Women Athletes on the Fringe of Convention and Expectation:
A Series of Portraits by Berlin-based Photographer Sophie Kirchner





This portrait series by Sophie Kirchner challenges assumptions of gender in traditional male-centric sports.
Her subjects are photographed immediately after a game; the women's pupils are wide open, the
adrenaline still pumping dramatically in their blood. Stripped of artifice, she seeks to portray
women who 
eschew social convention purely for the pursuit of personal goals.

  48cm x 48cm  |  Limited Edition of 8  |
 Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Paper

Sophie Kirchner was born in 1984 in the former East Berlin. Her work focuses primarily on documenting social issues,
with a concentration on giving voice to socially disadvantaged groups and exposing taboo subjects through photography.
Kirchner studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and the Maryland Institute College of Art
in Baltimore. She currently works and lives as a freelance photographer in Berlin and Vancouver.

2015 –  "Male Sport", Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana  USA
2014 –  Presentation of "FACES", Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, New York,  New York   USA
2014 –  Presentation and book release of "FACES", Italien Embassy, Paris, France
2013 – "About what it is to be a fucking Human Being", University of Applied Science, Hamburg, Germany
2013 – "Insights", ART WEEK Hamburg, C15 Sammlung, Hamburg, Germany
2012 – "Hues of Grey", Gesundheitswirtschaftskongress, Hamburg, Germany
2012 – "Hues of Grey", Elektrohaus, Hamburg, Germany
2011 – "The Narrative in a Single Image", Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA
2010 – "Hamburger Stadtteile", Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg, Germany
2010 – "Hamburger Stadtteile", Kulturforum Schloss Plön, Germany
2009 – "Hinz&Kunz(t) Winners´exhibition", AEZ, Hamburg, Germany
2009 – "Outwards", University of Applied Science, Hamburg, Germany
2008 – "Excursion to Poland", University of Applied Science, Hamburg, Germany

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