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Welcome to

Sam Burchmann

Digit IT extends a warm welcome to Sam Burchmann, who joined our team this month.

A Toowoomba local, Sam joins us from the Queensland Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, where he gained a wealth of experience as a Senior Regional Computer Systems Officer and Service Desk Officer.

Sam's experience includes maintaining server hardware and Windows server operating systems, Microsoft Exchange and remote support of networked printers and workstations.

Sam has just bought his first house and drives a Smart Roadster …. If you haven’t see one check it out. Welcome Sam!


Ben's Blog

Place your orders: Like many of you I am wondering where the year has gone ... But there is still plenty of time to buy up big before Christmas! You will need to order stock by the 14 December to guarantee delivery and installation before Christmas.

Office 2016 Upgrade Warning: A warning not to upgrade to Office 2016 if you are running Microsoft Exchange 2007 or older, because Outlook 2016 does not support connections to older Exchange versions. Please contact us if you are unsure or have any more questions.

Is your network safe?

Business owners guide to cyber security: Do you have a good grasp on Cyber Security and how it affects your business?
During this episode of the Small Business Technology Show, I spoke to CEO and Co-founder of Cyber Security Networks, Dr Sally Ernst, about cyber security and business.
Topics covered include cyber security implementation, examples of security breach and practices to avoid them and choosing vendors that offer a better level of cyber security.
Please contact us if you have any questions about cyber security and your business.

Are you ready for the storm season?

Protect your data this storm season: Lightening and electrical surges don’t mix well with computers, phones or network systems. Your insurance will usually cover the physical damage, but no amount of insurance can replace the data you may lose if your hard drive is damaged.
Investing in an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is a smart move. A UPS provides surge protection and battery backup in the event of an electricity outage.
Digit IT is currently offering a APC Back-UPS 950VA for $170 (including GST) until the end of December. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one.
Don’t want to install a UPS at the moment? Digit IT advises you to unplug your computers and other electronic equipment when a storm is approaching.


Keep your kids safe with THREAD app

Free App: This free app caught my eye this week. 'THREAD' is a personal safety app for children (aged from 8 years) that was developed by the Carly Ryan Foundation and the South Australian government. It has been endorsed by the Australian Federal Police.
The app has two main features. It enables your child to ‘check-in’ to pre-set deadlines and communicate with you and trusted contacts in an informal medium.
The app also has a personal safety alarm, which sends the users location to their trusted contacts and 000 when they feel threatened.
The app was inspired by an Australian mother whose daughter was murdered after she meet someone on the internet.
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