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My Top 3 IT Predictions
for 2016

The continued rise of cybercrime: The past two years have seen an influx of cybercrime attacks on Australian businesses. Computer and network security should be a vital and growing concern for business owners again this year. One of our clients became a victim of the latest CryptoLocker variation this week and experts are predicting a growth in Malware and Ransomware, which locks users out of their computers until they pay a fee.
I read a quote from Deloitte's Risk Advisory Security team this week, who said businesses need to understand cyber security as well as they understand finance. Read More >

The Cloud will Burst: Cloud computing offers a raft of opportunities for businesses, but there is potential for things to go wrong in any environment and cloud failures will happen. Given this, I expect to see a high profile service suffer a major failure this year. Recent cloud failures include Adobe’s security breach, Amazon’s cloud outage and Microsoft Azure’s outage back in 2013. 
My ‘Cloud Must Do’s’ to minimise your risk and damage are: Read More >

Connectivity is Key: Connectivity will be key in 2016 and businesses that are willing to invest in superfast internet speeds will reap the benefits of increased productivity.
How can Digit IT make sure you reaping the benefits of connectivity? Read More >

Ben's Blog

2016: It’s hard to believe we’re into the second month of the year. If I haven’t caught up with you yet, I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. Cyber security, minimising your risk from a cloud failure and exploring the benefits of high speed internet should be, in my opinion, the main IT priorities for businesses this year. Please give me a call if you have any questions about your performance in these areas.

Pay Online: Paying your bills just got easier, with Digit IT now accepting online payment for invoices via Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Simply head to:


Computer Security Tips

How you can prevent an attack: Digit IT focuses on IT for business, but also helps home computer users as issues arise. The majority of work that we end up doing on home computers is as a result of behaviour leading to infection by malicious software be it virus, malware or spam.
Given this I’ve included a list of definitions and 'Tips for Computer Security' for your reference. The information covers:
Why are there hackers?,
How do they do it?,
What are the symptoms?,
Virus Removal, and
How can I prevent an attack?
Read More >

NBN Roll-out Continues

Construction dates for Surat region announced: The NBN rollout is continuing across Toowoomba, with building underway in the Newtown area. Preparation has also begun in Harristown, Glenvale and around the Toowoomba Aerodrome.
You can enter your address on the NBN website to see if the NBN network is available at your home or business.
Further afield, the Toowoomba Chronicle has reported construction dates for the Surat region:
Read More >

Nailing a winning website

How to build the website of your dream: Are you looking to build or revamp your website this year? In this episode of the Small Business Technology Show, my co-host, Ben Love, spoke to Jon Hollenberg who owns an Australian web design business Five By Five and has just written a book Love at first site: How to build the website of your dreams.
The episode is 30mins and answers some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about developing a website:
Read More >
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