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Microsoft Office 2016

Now available: Do you often need your staff to work on the same document? Then keep reading, because Microsoft Office 2016 is now available and offers considerable features that improve collaboration and teamwork.

Some of the key features include:
  • Co-authoring - Work with others simultaneously on a document regardless of the device you're using.
  • Simplified sharing - Just click and ‘share’ …. See who has access to a given document and who is currently working in the document, and change individual authoring permissions for any document you own.
  • Real-time typing - As you collaborate with others in a document, see where others are working and view their edits as they happen.
  • Modern attachments - Attach a document from your recent items and share them from OneDrive or SharePoint with email recipients. Also configure sharing permissions so that all the recipients have access to the attached file without having to leave the app.
  • Improved version history - Refer back to previous snapshots and earlier drafts of documents during the editing process as you collaborate with others.
  • Tell me - Simply type what you want to do in the app using your own words, and then Tell Me will guide through the process as well as offer additional resources.
The bottom line is that if you work in groups and collaborate with others, you'll find this a big productivity booster. Please give us a call if you would like to upgrade.

Ben's Blog

Cyber security: Cyber security is a hot topic for business owners, so I am looking forward to learning about the latest strategies for preventing cybercrime at a seminar at USQ on Thursday. The event will be hosted by the Toowoomba IT Community. Registration is free in you would like to come along?

Sam said YES: We’re looking forward to welcoming Sam Burchmann to the team in November. Sam is a highly experienced IT professional, who is currently working with the Queensland Government.

The Office 365 migration begins ...

Australian data centres: The great data migration has begun … Microsoft are in the process of moving Australian clients from their data centres in Singapore to Sydney and Melbourne.
As part of the move, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Project Online, and Exchange Online Protection will run from the Australia datacenters.
The three main benefits for Australian users include faster performance, reduced data sovereignty concerns and better disaster recovery. For example, if Sydney’s datacentre were to fail, organisations would be able to swap to Melbourne or vice versa, minimising downtime and keeping data safe within Australia.
This move may prompt some of you, who have had data sovereignty concerns, to switch to Office 365.
Please give us a call if you would like more information.


The Apple upgrade bug ...

iOS9 upgrade: Have you upgraded your iPhone, iPod and/or iPad to iOS9 yet? For the majority of clients this upgrade has been smooth sailing, with the new version offering some great new features. However, Digit IT has noticed some isolated installation issues, with iOS9 locking user’s devices on the ‘Slide to Upgrade’ screen.
Apple has issued some troubleshooting tips that appear to work in the majority of cases:
  1. Connect your iOS device to a computer. Then make sure that iTunes is open.
  2. While your device is connected, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.
  3. When asked, choose Update.
  4. When the restore is done, finish the onscreen steps to set up your device.

FREE tech stuff for nonprofits

Take advantage: Are you involved with a nonprofit organisation in Australia? Did you know that some of the world’s largest tech companies such as Microsoft and Adobe donate many thousands of dollars worth of their products to organisations just like yours every year?
If you’re not already taking advantage of this free or heavily discounted technology, then my question to you is – WHY NOT!
This is the same stuff that massive multinationals run on, and you can access it for next to nothing. Products such as Microsoft Office and Office 365 are yours for the taking, so listen to Ben Love and I explore some ideas for you and your nonprofit organisation during this episode of The Small Business Technology Show.

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