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Cryptolocker is back

and meaner than ever

Digit IT is offering a service to boost protection against CryptoLocker, in response to a recent spike in local cases of the ransomware.

Sent via an infected email attachment, CryptoLocker encrypts all files that a user has access to, before demanding a ransom to unlock these files. This can include local documents and pictures, server shared files and even network backups.

The emails are sent from a (seemingly) legitimate company and often contain a logo. Examples include Australia Post, The Australian Federal Police, Microsoft and several of the major banks.

Should I be worried?
Yes. This is a very profitable crime. If your data gets encrypted with the attacker's key, it is difficult, if not impossible, to decrypt your data without the private key.

How can I prevent it? 
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your data

Cryptolocker: Computer viruses are getting meaner. Given this, my main message to clients this month is to backup your data! Please call us to help if you don't know how.

Tell us what you think
We will be sending out our bi-annual client survey in the next couple of weeks. It's your chance to tell us what you think of Digit IT.

CRM software - what it is and why you need it

Are you making the most of your sales and marketing opportunities? Can you track your successes and failures?
A great Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package can help you propel your sales process into another level.
In a recent episode of the Small Business Technology Show, Ben Love and I discussed everything you need to know about choosing and using a CRM system.

When employees bring their own devices to work

Whether you’ve consciously realized it or not, these days it’s common place for employees to be bringing their own personal computing devices such as smartphones and tablets to work.
But are they using these devices for work purposes? And, if so, what does that potentially expose your business to in terms of risk, expense and so on?
During this podcast I discuss having a written BYOD policy, responsibility over the physical device, support for the device and obligations and rights of either party.


Young hackers

As a father of three future-hackers, I am excited to see a lot of new products coming onto the market that are designed to educate young people about how to build computers.
The Kano Kit enables little nerds to build a PC practically from scratch. The company says it’s as easy as Lego, powered by Pi 2 and enables users to make games and learn code.
Little Bits was created by hard-core electrical engineers who discovered how fun their mini circuit board modules could be for a wider audience. The kits are expensive, but could be worth it if your child is interested in electronics.
I hope my kids are as interested as me ....
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