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Valley View font yard
Front yards can be productive food gardens too!
Earlier this year we installed a couple of raised beds in Sue’s back yard for growing veggies.
During November we returned to put in another raised bed in the back yard for passionfruit and strawberries and to transform her front yard as well.
The front posed a small challenge as it has a large significant tree in the middle of the yard which shades most of the area.  But we love a challenge!
The first area to utilise was the strip along the side fence – perfect for a trellis and grapevines.
Roger used the digger to remove the old soil from this strip and dig out the deep holes for the trellis posts and grapevines.   Four Cypress Pine posts were cemented in, trellis wire strung and then we planted 4 grapevines and a Lime tree that will be espaliered in the middle.
There’s not much that will grow under the shade of a large tree so we had to carefully consider what food producing plants we could put in the main area. 
Berries are an understory plant but they do like some sun.  We installed a berry bed on the northern side of the yard, again with Cypress Pine posts and a trellis, which will get a few hours of dappled sunlight each day.  Sue should be able to harvest some delicious red and golden raspberries and boysenberries in the coming year from this bed.
On the southern side we took advantage of a small patch near the driveway that gets a bit of sun and put in three small square beds.  After digging down a half metre and filling the hole with our special soil, we planted a nectarine, apricot and peach tree in each bed.  Some rambling rockmelons, watermelons and pumpkins were planted alongside the fruit trees.  They’ve got plenty of room to spread.
To finish off this garden, a rich layer of compost was spread over the entire area and a few mounds of soil were built up where we’ve scattered some nasturtium seeds.  Irrigation has been installed throughout the yard, with light sprayers around the nasturtium areas so Sue won’t have to worry about watering.
We expect this yard to look stunning soon.  The ground will be covered in rambling colourful nasturtiums and rambling pumpkins, watermelons and rockmelons.
The Fulham Park Kindergarten ‘Tepee’
The A Frame ‘Tepee’ at Fulham Park Kindergarten is not only providing the kids with food and fun (they picked 5 cucumbers last week), it’s also attracting lots of attention from parents and passers by!
And you can see why…it’s just gorgeous.
Apart from a variety of cucumbers growing up the tepee, they’ve got Mexican Sour Gherkins, Climbing Beans, a New Guinea Bean, a Red Kuri Pumpkin and Gourds!
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