Our latest adventures out and about…
As many of our friends and clients know, most of September was spent relocating Roger’s business and home and also Vital Veggies, a huge operation involving complicated logistics, hard physical labour and a non-negotiable deadline for vacating the Port Road premises.
Most of our Vital Veggies work was put on hold during September. 
We thank everyone who has been patiently waiting for an installation or a quote.  Rest assured, we’re passionately back into our favourite food garden work from the start of October.
Somewhere in between all the moving operations, we managed to install two potato towers at Magill Kindergarten and of course we kept up our weekly schedule of servicing clients’ gardens.
Twin towers at Magill Kindergarten
To satisfy two different groups of children at Magill Kindergarten, we installed one potato tower on a Friday and returned the following Tuesday to install another one.
Kids are a great audience.
And Roger is a great performer!
Roger explained about the ‘eyes’ of potatoes, how they sprout to become plants, and how new potatoes form under the soil.  Children passed around and sniffed cupfuls of pigeon manure, soil, and some liquid soil catalyst.  You can imagine their reaction to the stinky pigeon manure.
Then the kids took it in turn to put handfuls of straw on top of the soil and manure in the tower.  A few lucky children were selected to place the sprouting potato chits onto the soil.  The chits were covered and the children filled up their watering cans and enthusiastically watered the towers.
Instructions on how to water and care for the potato plants were left with the kindy.  When they reach a certain height, kindergarten staff and children will add more layers of manure, soil and straw to the tower.  The children will be watering the plants regularly and keeping an ‘eye’ on them.
It will be a few months before the potatoes are ready to harvest.  As one child was particularly insistent about what to do with all the expected potatoes, we suspect the bounty from the twin towers will become one massive potato bake!

Growing gardens
Every week we travel around Adelaide to look after our clients’ gardens: checking the progress of plants, removing old plants, planting new ones, caring for them, applying organic and biodynamic preparations and keeping the food gardens productive and bountiful through our combined knowledge and experience.
Here are some images we’ve taken over the last month:
Come and visit us at the Adelaide Showgrounds
Vital Veggies will be exhibiting at the Sunday Mail Home Show and Gardening and Outdoor Living Show at the Adelaide Showgrounds from October 9 – 11.
We’d love to see you there!
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