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VV Calendar - March 2015
March is the beginning of autumn and a changeover month in the veggie garden.  The mornings are noticeably cooler and it seems like the Adelaide heat waves are over.  This is the month to prepare your garden and soil for winter/spring crops and get in some early brassicas and root vegetables.
March Harvesting
If you're a clever gardener, you'll be harvesting the last of your summer veggie crops this month (tomatoes, beans, zucchini, chilies, eggplant, capsicums, corn) and the first of your autumn crops (leeks, pumpkins and sweet potatoes)
March Pests
White cabbage moths will continue to lay eggs on your brassicas until the weather cools.  Pick off the tiny caterpillars as soon as you see them, or try using diluted neem oil on all leafy veggies to deter the moths and pests. 
We've seen a lot of powdery mildew appearing on zucchinis and pumpkins lately.  This is normally caused by moisture and poor air circulation around the plants which are then prone to becoming diseased by the airborne spores. The best prevention is to ensure plants are well spaced and in full sun.  Although the fruiting veggies will 
survive, the affected leaves must be cut off and disposed of in your green waste bin immediately.
Spray the remaining leaves with a mixture of 1 tsp baking soda mixed with 1 cup water.  Neem oil also works well against fungus.

March Planting
March is the time to plant your winter veggies.  Remember not to fill up every vacant plot.  Leave some spaces and plant another round of seeds or seedlings in a few weeks so you don't get all your winter veggies maturing at the same time. Even better, give over one section to a green manure crop which will help build soil fertility and structure.
Here's a list of seedlings you can plant into your garden in March in Adelaide:
Broccoli Onion
Cabbage Radishes
Cauliflower Rocket
Coriander Salad leaves
Garlic Spinach
Lettuces Spring Onions
You can also direct sow the following seeds into your garden in March.
Broad Beans Silverbeet
Carrot Spinach
Oriental leaves Swede
Parsnip Turnip
Happy planting.
Friday 6 March at 4.36 am
From the full moon to the last quarter is the waning moon when the sap flow in plants is more concentrated in the root area and lower in the foliage so its the best time to plant your winter root crops: carrots, onions, radishes, beetroot, parsnips and turnips etc...
LAST QUARTER (waning moon)
Saturday 14 March at 4.18 am
The week of the last quarter is the barren moon phase and is best used to attend to your soil, apply mulch and manure teas, make compost, remove weeds, and dig over the ground.
Friday 20 March at 8.06 pm
From the new moon to the first quarter is the best time to sow or plant your leafy greens like lettuces, spinach, cabbages, parsley etc.
Mow your lawn and transplant leafy annuals during this phase.
FIRST QUARTER (waxing moon)
Friday 27 March at 6.13 pm
From the new moon through to the full moon sap flow is increased in the above ground parts of plants.
During the first quarter to the full moon, plant your winter crops that fruit above the ground such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  It's still OK to plant leafy greens and lettuces during this time as well.

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