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We've had another fantastic month installing and caring for your backyard veggie gardens!  
Dean and Melanie's Extended Garden
Not only did we install a food forest in Dean and Melanie's property at Stonyfell in October, during November we were given the opportunity to renovate another large area of their property.
Although they originally wanted trees along their side fence to increase their privacy, Vital Veggies were on the lookout for places to plant more food as well.
So we did both! 
  1. We installed a trellis along the fence and planted 3 varieties of passionfruit vines, with some pretty creepers called Mandevilla planted along the fenceline closer to the street.
  2. 21 pencil pines were planted half a metre apart to cover a section of the fenceline where the neighbours' new swimming pool will be installed
  3. We planted a row of 6 magnolia trees which are a favourite of Dean's
  4. A row of irrigated mounds have been prepared in between the fenceline and the magnolia trees with blueberry and okra bushes, sweet potatoes and pumpkins
The pencil pines and magnolia trees were supplied by our friend Anthony from Amazon Plant Growers, a wholesale nursery.
Here are the before and after photos:
Below is the row of baby pencil pines.  In the foreground is one of the irrigated mounds where we've now planted blueberry bushes, okra bushes,  sweet potatoes and pumpkins.  The sweet potatoes and pumpkins will spread out to cover the ground with their pretty creepers.
Did you know that potatoes were originally used for their decorative flowers before they were used as food?
...and what would we do without our digger?

This little machine is not only capable of digging a 0.5 x 0.5m round hole in less than a minute with the auger fitting, it also has a front end loader, a cement mixer, a set of forks, a crane jib, ripping tynes and a tow ball. 
Here, Roger is changing the auger fitting so he can dig some bigger holes.
Ken and Macky's Garden
Ken and Macky live across the road from Dean and Melanie in Stonyfell.
They'd been watching and admiring the backyard transformation going on at their neighbour's house and decided they needed a little bit of help to get their own veggie garden happening.
Like so many others we talk to, Ken has deeply nostalgic memories from his childhood of eating luscious fruit picked straight from the tree. 
Even after 50 years, he can still smell and taste that peach!
Sadly, today's fruit from the supermarket pales when compared to the texture and flavour of the fruit we ate 50 years ago (we're showing our age now)
What is is about picking our own food and eating it fresh that resonates so harmoniously with our organic bodies and natural instincts?
'Grow your own and feed your soul' is more than just a byline for Vital Veggies, it's a vision we share with many others for a healthier society.
So in November, we installed 2 long garden beds for Ken and Macky, one at the front of their house and one along the side of their lovely back yard, and then surprised Ken with a complementary white freestone peach tree (which he planted with a lovely big smile on his face).
Referring to the back yard garden bed, Roger remarked that it was the first time he'd ever installed a garden bed with a beard (see the Mondo grass in the image below).
The peach tree is positioned at the end of the garden bed and as it grows, we'll espalier it up and across the trellis.
Elizabeth's single garden bed
Just so you don't think that we only do huge food forest projects:
During November we installed a sweet little garden bed in Elizabeth's tiny courtyard at the rear of her North Adelaide unit. 
She was quite surprised at how quickly we did this for her...we delivered the empty garden bed one day, then arrived the next day, parked the truck and trailer load of soil outside of her gate and filled the bed with our super soil.
This was a two person, two wheelbarrow mission! 
One shovelled the soil from the trailer into a wheelbarrow, while the other wheeled and tipped the soil into Elizabeth's new garden bed.  What a team!
We caught up with Elizabeth this week to find that she's been having a wonderful time choosing and planting her favourite veggies. 
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