VV CALENDAR - April 2015
Broad Beans (or Fava Beans) are our latest craze.  We've been planting them everywhere and the bright healthy seedlings are looking fantastic!  The seeds don't mind clay soil and will grow almost anywhere.
Plant them about 20cm apart and keep in mind that they may need stakes as they can grow quite tall.
Once the first flowers appear, nip off the top growing shoot to produce a heavier crop.
Nothing beats a freshly picked pod full of young, tender, tasty broad beans... 
April Harvesting
In April you'll be harvesting the very last of your summer veggies: tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, zucchini... and the first of your autumn crops (leeks, pumpkins and sweet potatoes).  Compost the remains of spent plants.  Dig some of your older rich, dark, compost into your garden beds now. 
'Cure' your pumpkins by leaving them in the sun for their skins to harden and the flesh inside to ripen.  The harder the skin, the longer they will last in storage.
April Pests
White cabbage moths will continue to lay eggs on your brassicas until the weather cools.  Pick off the tiny caterpillars as soon as you see them, or try using diluted neem oil on all leafy veggies to deter the moths and pests.

Watch out for slugs and snails.  They'll multiply after a bit of wet autumn weather.
You'll know when slugs and snails are invading your veggie patch by the large holes in your seedlings and the tell-tale silvery trails.
A very simple snail trap is a bowl of beer or wine mixed with water.  Place it with the rim 1 or 2 cm above the ground to drown them.  Sugar water (5% sugar solution) is also highly effective, as is diluted cordial.  Empty your traps daily into the compost or chook run.
 April Planting
April is the month for planting veggies that don't mind the winter cold.
You can plant your winter crop of peas but don't expect pods until early spring.  Soak the peas overnight, then plant them into the soil where they will be growing. 
When sowing your brassica seedlings, hoe up the soil around their stems.
If you haven't already planted some silverbeet, April/May is a good time.  This is an important winter vegetable when greens are scarce.
You can plant out garlic cloves in April.  Although supermarket varieties can be planted or cloves from your own harvest, it's safer to buy commercially grown bulbs that are disease free.
Rhubarb is entering its dormant period now so it's a good time to plant new sets or divide and re-plant old crowns
Here's a list of seedlings you can plant into your garden in April in Adelaide:

Broad Beans Garlic Shallots
Broccoli Lettuces Silverbeet
Cabbage Onion Spinach
Cauliflower Peas Spring Onions
Celery Radishes  
Coriander Turnip  

You can also direct sow the following seeds into your garden in April.
Broad Beans Parsnip Spinach
Carrot Peas Swede
Cauliflower Silverbeet Turnip

Happy planting.
Saturday 4 April at 10.36pm
From the full moon to the last quarter is the waning moon when the sap flow in plants is more concentrated in the root area and lower in the foliage so its the best time to plant your winter root crops: carrots, onions, radishes, beetroot, parsnips and turnips etc...
LAST QUARTER (waning moon)
Sunday 12 April at 1.14pm
The week of the last quarter is the barren moon phase and is best used to attend to your soil, apply mulch and manure teas, make compost, remove weeds, and dig over the ground.
Sunday 19 April at 4.27am
From the new moon to the first quarter is the best time to sow or plant your leafy greens like lettuces, spinach, cabbages, parsley etc.
Mow your lawn and transplant leafy annuals during this phase.
FIRST QUARTER (waxing moon)
Sunday 26 April at 9.25am
From the new moon through to the full moon sap flow is increased in the above ground parts of plants.
During the first quarter to the full moon, plant your winter crops that fruit above the ground such as broad beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  It's still OK to plant leafy greens and lettuces during this time as well.

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