2014 British Open and National Optimist Championships:  Coaches
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2014 Volvo Gill Optimist British National & Open Championships

Information for Regatta Fleet


Welcome to all Regatta Fleet parents.  With only a week to go, we hope your sailors are getting excited.  We have included some information below, which you might find useful.

Measurement and Registration

When you arrive at WPNSA, the first thing you will need to do, is to bring your boat to the Event Hall.  For Regatta Fleet, we won't be measuring the boats.  So, don't worry if your measurement certificate is not in your family name (or you don't have one at all).  What we do want to do is to check that they are safe to go on the water. 

Before you come to Weymouth, please download these documents from the Nationals page:

Buoyancy Tests 

These need to be done once a year, and can be done by your flotilla leader at your Club, or a local measurer.  If you have the boat's registration book, there is a page in it for recording the date of the buoyancy test.  Please check that you have a test date recorded in the book (or on a piece of paper if you don't have the book) and bring it with you to Measurement.

IOCA Log Books 

If your sailor has been issued with an IOCA log book, please also bring this with you to registration.   If your sailor has joined IOCA recently in order to enter the Nationals, you will receive your membership pack, with your Log Book, at registration.

Sunday 3rd August

The Nationals kicks off with the Opening Ceremony at 11.30am, followed by the Regatta Fleet briefing at 12.30pm.  Please can the sailors come to the briefing already changed into their sailing kit, and eat their lunch before they come.  At the briefing we allocate the sailors to their groups, and introduce them to their coaches. 

The aim is for Regatta Racing to sail a practice race in the afternoon.  The other fleets will go out on the water for some coaching.  Once everyone returns, there is a BBQ on.  Please make sure you book tickets here.


For those of you who have been to a national event before, we have made some changes to the launching procedure.  We no longer have allocated duties for launch assistants and trolley dollies, but are relying on all the parents onshore to help out.  On any day we have around 200 adults out on the water helping, so we need those onshore to help all the sailors, not just their own children.  So if you see a sailor struggling to pull a boat up the slip on their own, please help them!  Once the boats have launched, the trollies need sorting into order.  Ask the launch supervisor or the Beach Master what needs to be done.  

You need to wear a pair of waders/wellies or shorts/waterproof shoes.


We will be tallying the sailors off and on at lunch time.  Please, please ensure that your sailor tallies off when they come in.  We cannot stand down the safety fleet until all the tallies are in.  If I have to phone you to track down your sailor's tally, I will be asking for a donation to our supported charities.

Priority Sailors

These are sailors who have both parents (or their only parent) on the water helping, often in major roles.  The sailors will have a black/yellow stripe on their mast.  If you have volunteered to help on the water, and do not have someone to help launch your sailors, please come and see me on the Sunday.  I will be wandering round with a roll of black/yellow tape.

We need a priority sailor co-ordinator each day, to stay on the beach and make sure that the priority sailors are looked after during launch/when they come in.  You can sign up for just one day, and this is an easy way for you to say a thank you to all those parents who are out on the water.  You need to be dressed to help launch.

Away Day

This year, the theme is Vikings.  So please bring your Viking outfits.  The sailors will sail to Weymouth or Castle Cove for a picnic, returning in the afternoon.  Please bring a drink bottle and waterproof container for them to put their lunch in (this can go in a RIB).  If you want to come along, there may well be spaces on our Viking galleys.  Please come and ask.



I have posted a list of On the Water volunteers on the Nationals page: If you signed up to go on the water, please check both of these to see what you are down for.  Any problems, please drop me an email.

We still have quite a few volunteer spots to fill on the main Volunteer Roster.  This week, we will need to start allocating people to the empty slots.  So, if you are a UK parent, who has been to a national event before and haven't signed up for anything, then can I suggest that you sign up for something now.  Whatever I volunteer you for is bound to be less convenient....

Leaving the Site

If you are planning to leave the site at any time, please make sure you tell the Race Office the name and phone number of a designated person who will look after your sailor when they are on-shore.

I look forward to meeting you all in Weymouth.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Gillian Schonrock
Regatta Fleet Co-Ordinator
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