How to spot and control noxious weeds
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Have you noticed weeds popping up on your property and wondering what to do about them?  

While some weeds may look pretty, these non-natives can cause a lot of harm.  Non-native weeds are classified as noxious if they aggressively invade native plant communities or crops; can poison livestock; can carry damaging insects, diseases, or parasites; or are detrimental to the environment.  These nasty invaders
displace native vegetation, threatening wildlife habitat, valuable natural resources, and recreation areas.  Besides the ecological impacts, noxious weeds also cost Coloradans millions in harvest losses, damage to livestock, and lost productivity.   

Preventing the establishment of noxious weeds is the best method of control, and can be done by supporting healthy native plant populations and maintaining healthy pastures.  But if you have already seen some weeds springing up, dealing with them sooner rather than later save you a lot of time, trouble, and money over the long term.       

Click on the following tables to learn more about how to spot and control common noxious weeds in our region.  Make sure to always wear gloves and protective clothing when handling weeds to prevent skin irritation, and never dispose of weed clippings in the trash or compost. 


Explore the resources below to find more information about weed mitigation:
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