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Weekly Update for November 17, 2021


“I do all the cooking and you do all the eating. Of course, Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday.” That was my wife’s response when I told her how much I loved Thanksgiving. I thought, “Message sent and received.” She was right. I knew something needed to change.
            Cooking makes me nervous. I’m scared to ruin the food or make something that tastes terrible. But cooking is giving. Pastor and author Warren Wiersbe described giving this way, “Giving is a grace, which means we give in spite of circumstances, resources, or consequences. We must not give grudgingly but willingly and enthusiastically, and it must come from the heart. . . Every Christian must learn the grace of giving” (The Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study [Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook, 2018], 187). I was learning “the grace of giving” was cooking for my wife even if I felt nervous about it.
            The next year I asked her, “What would you like me to cook for Thanksgiving?” She asked me to choose a pie and heat it in the oven (something a husband can’t mess up too badly). Then the next year I offered again. “What would you like me to cook for Thanksgiving? Just name it and I’ll make it.” She asked me to make a pie and the green beans. A third-year I offered again, and she gave me three items to prepare for Thanksgiving.
            The author of Hebrews tells us that “the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed" (Hebrews 7:7, NLT). I was learning that. Instead of thinking about what I would consume on Thanksgiving (like I had in past years), I was now thinking about what I would offer to others.
            The Bible talks directly to married men saying, “you husbands must give honor to your wives (1 Peter 3:7).” I had listened to my wife as she shared she was slightly frustrated that she did all the cooking at Thanksgiving and that I ate everything. I listened to her, but most of all, I was changing what I did and how I did it. I was changing my behavior based on what she had said. That was honoring her. 
            At Thanksgiving, my wife still cooks the turkey because that’s the one thing neither she nor I trust myself to cook correctly. Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday, but for a different reason now.  
Pastor Christopher

-For our church missionaries: Nickel, Futch Family, Tice Family, and Noteboom Family
-Marci's recovery
-Judy's sister, Orma
-Denny's health 
-The family of Angelo, our church neighbor that passed away
-For the first responders in our city, county, and nation. 
-Toby, Joe and Judy's son
-For the persecuted church around the world
-For Jamie and Jerry who came to our Harvest Party and need prayer
-For Adam, Melanie, and Judy's health and recovery from illness
-Alex's family as they mourn the lost loss of his grandpa
-Dave's friend, Ron, who has cysts in his lungs
-Carolyn's cousin mourning the loss of his wife
-For Norah's recovery from surgery
-Church Christmas Decorating, November 28. We will be having a church Christmas decorating party after the service. Please let Pastor Christopher know if you would like to help decorate our church! 
-Kids Ministry Helpers. We have created a signup sheet for the rest of the year. If you can assist as a "helper" one Sunday a month that would be a tremendous help. Thank you. 
-Church Potluck, December 12. Please bring a dish to share and enjoy some food and fellowship after the service.
-Christmas Eve Service. Details coming soon.
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